Once being said to have your head in the clouds was seen to be mildly derogatory – but not anymore. For any business owner keen to enjoy the most effective small business expense tracking, it’s the only place to be.

Small business expense management software is a must for any business owner keen to stop cash leaching out of the company.

‘Hidden’ losses created by outdated and inefficient expense management systems can be significant. For ‘significant’, read 5% of turnover. Wow. That’s a whopping sum, and many business owners don’t have a clue that it’s happening to them at that kind of scale at this very moment.

They’re the ones who fail to manage expenses in the same way that they manage production, payroll, and safety. Just why that’s the case isn’t clear, but the chances are that part of the reason is about the manual, paper-basedsystem that’s been in use for years, and an instinctive resistance to change.

But times change. Computing technology has changed the way business works, and that’s because it’s moved into the cloud. There can be hardly anyone left who doesn’t understand that the cloud is the name given to a global network of computing power that can be accessed through a smartphone, no matter where you are in the world – so long as you have a WiFi signal, of course. It means that from New Delhi to New York a business expense tracker app , can be at your fingertips, allowing claims, approval, and reimbursement at the flick of finger.

But being cloud based expense management software means the best expense manager app offers more than simply expenses management. Sure, it’ll do that, but explore the features and you’ll find the developers have integrated the ability to add in tax, to work in multiple currencies (switching from one to another in an instant), to calculate mileage claims using GPS, and to work with banks and credit cards to make a streamlined and seamless expense management system.

All of those functions are like having more people in the finance department, but without the employment costs and the possibility of human error. And when it comes to cost, the best small business expense management software can be tailored to suit your business. Take the Solo Expenses pricing model. Not only is it based on a rolling charge per employee per month, but an innovative dashboard allows features to be turned on or off at will, creating truly bespoke expense management tracking software for every business – that won’t let money leach out from your business.

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Expenseondemand is an end-to-end cloud-based expense report software solution that automates and streamlines the expense management process.