Is your milk pure? How can you be sure it’s not adulterated with water or harmful chemicals? Well, the truth is that it has become quite difficult to find pure milk these days. It's not easy to trust your milk supplier, as cases of milk adulteration continue to create problems for consumers.

However, just like every problem has a solution, getting pure milk is also possible. All you need to do is choose the best farm-to-home milk brand in Delhi such as Niryas milk. Here are some key reasons why Niryas milk is the purest and freshest milk you can find in Delhi.

Direct from farm to your kitchen: Niryas has developed an extensive network of farmers in villages all around Delhi-NCR for the procurement of pure and organic full cream milk . Milk procured from farmers is processed, packaged and delivered to consumers in the shortest possible time. This ensures that the milk is 100% pure and fresh. The nutritional value of milk is retained when it’sdelivered to you in fresh form.

Top quality milk: Niryas not just procures milk from farmers, but also has dedicated programs that support the entire ecosystem. For example, Niryas provides credit facilities to farmers, so that they can arrange the best care for their dairy cattle. Niryas also provides quality cattle feed and periodic veterinary services to farmers. A number of CSR programs are also conducted by Niryas to improve everyday life and experiences of farmers. All these efforts ensure that Niryas milk is the purest, freshest, and most hygienic and nutritious milk.

State-of-the-art dairy processing: Niryas has its own fleet of specialized milk tankers and state-of-the-art milk processing plants that are certified by leading quality firms including government agencies. Milk is processed using advanced scientific techniques, which ensures optimal nutrition and taste of milk. Quality checks are also conducted at every stage to ensure the best quality of milk. When you buy Niryas best full cream milk, you can be sure that its 100% pure and fresh and completely free from any type of adulterants.

Niryas offers different types of milk such as full cream milk, toned milk, double toned milk and tea special milk. You can also derive health benefits from other top quality dairy products such as Niryas ghee, Niryas fresh dahi, and Niryas chhach. Just like Niryas milk, these too come with guaranteed purity, freshness, and nutrition. For optimal health and wellness, Niryas milk and dairy products is the best gift that you can give to yourself and your loved ones.

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Niryas is a well know Brand for all kind of highly quality, Nutritious & hygienic dairy or milk products. We offer milk, dahi, pure ghee curds etc.