People are crazy about meeting new people and dating them these days. All thanks to the internet and the continuously growing scope of technology. Today, dating platforms such as dating websites and dating applications are getting the attention of youngsters due to the increasing features and services. Where internet dating offers features like or unlike people, chat, flirt, and them to meet out of the internet world, the other side people are fooling each other using these platforms. Now, this is the actual issue which genuine daters are facing while using internet dating sites or applications. So, what do you think? Does it make sense to use online dating for hunting your potential partner when you are not sure if you are interacting with a genuine person or not?
Well, I didn’t find any dating site or app which could give me assured potential partner till now. We are in the era of technology where technologies, including Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, are influencing us a lot nowadays. Virtual Reality (VR) is a visual experience of the real world while Augmented Reality (AR) provides additional information generated by computer to enhance the perception and to add the elements of reality. AR technology is completely based on the concept of VR.
So, what if a dating platform incorporates these two significant technologies to provide you the best possible date? Isn’t it so exciting? Hence, Kaimzz – an innovative internet dating platform is coming with the Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) incorporated in it.
The mission of Kaimzz dating application is to build strong and authentic relationships. And the vision of Kaimzz is to become the world’s only dating platform to provide a virtual human interaction. Kaimzz is dedicated to develop true relationships among its users and to make them believe that Kaimzz is always there for you. To know more about the upcoming dating platform, visit our website: and check out our blog section.

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Introducing an innovative online dating platform – Kaimzz, which allows you not only to meet new people but also allows having a virtual date before a real-life meeting. This feature of Kaimzz makes a big difference and brings a revolution in the dating world. You can easily escape yourself from the fake profiles on Kaimzz. Kaimzz uses the latest technologies like Virtual Reality (VR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI).
Kaimzz is committed to serving the safest online dating platform through gaming and virtual dating techniques.