As the name suggests, defoamers are actually anti-foaming agents that are basically nothing but chemical additives that are used to prevent the formation of foam in the industrial process liquids. You might often come across terms like anti-foaming agents, defoamers etc. Do know for a fact that they all mean the same. Today, in the course of the post – we will end up discussing the various attributes of pure defoamers and the importance of roping in a reputable Defoamer Exporter to make the most of the benefits that the defoamers actually have in the offing for you!

What exactly are defoamers? The Basics!!

As has already been mentioned above, defoamers are largely used for eliminating unnecessary foam from industrial liquids. Depending on your need – you may get in touch with a reputed defoamer manufacturer or exporter to access:

Mineral based oil defoamer

Silicone based defoamer

Non-silicone and non-mineral oil based defoamer

Polymer based (specially designed) defoamer

The Use of Defoamer in the Phosphoric Acid Manufacturing Process

Defoamer, for instance, is largely used in the phosphoric acid manufacturing process. Get in touch with a manufacturer that offers special foam control technology designed for the Phosphoric Acid Manufacturing process. This specially designed foam is not only capable of bursting the foam but controlling regeneration as well. Now, phosphoric acid itself is the resultant product of the reaction between sulphuric acid and phosphate rock. Only when these two components come together at elevated temperatures – above 70 degree Celsius that the whole wet process synthesis actually ends up resulting in the generation of a huge amount of gases. So, one can well imagine where all that foam is actually coming from.

Now, foaming definitely has adverse effects on the Phosphoric Acid Manufacturing process as well. The foam actually ends up making the whole proposition dangerous for the plant personnel – thanks to the caustic properties of the phosphoric acid. The formation of the foam invariably reduces the capacity of the equipment. With the foam overflowing – the professionals working with the industry liquid are directly at risk of being exposed to the caustic property of the phosphoric acid.

Are you getting the Right Manufacturer On Board?

Now, it is extremely important on your end to ensure that you are leaving no stone unturned to get the most reliable defoamer manufacturer on board to help you avert such risk. All this while you might not have been serious about the manufacturer or exporter you have been working with. However, now you know – what eventually will happen if you actually end up ignoring the credentials of the manufacturer thus. It is so important on your end to ensure that you are leaving no stone unturned to find professionals who have had the long history of working with the best vendors in the market – the ones that have been offering quality raw materials for some while now! Do read up reviews and seek recommendations before you are actually in the process of settling for services. You are sorted!

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