The eternal wisdom of life – as recorded in the ancient vedic literature – advises us to realize who we really are, and to identify with our real self. By silencing our chattering mind, we easily find out that our real self is pure awareness, pure, unbounded awareness, also known as pure consciousness. Having realized this, we automatically find out that we are neither our mind nor our body. We realize that our mind-body system is an instrument with which we can express ourselves in the world. In this way, our personality becomes more and more governed by our true self, our essence, which is the blissful, unbounded awareness!

Just by living our lives in this true perspective, we come to know more about our essence, and begin to realize that this pure unbounded and blissful consciousness that we are, is nothing other than that which by religions is called God, Allah, Shiva, Brahman, Tao, the Great Spirit, etc. Thus we come to realize that we are one with the universal awareness, which of course is the source and essence of not only us, but of all and everything! Thus our awareness becomes truly universal and cosmic.

In this process of subjective growth towards maturity, our soul-mind-body system is more and more experience as our instrument: a wonderful and amazing instrument with which we can express our true essence in this three dimensional world. And since we ourselves identify with the universal awareness - the Self of the Universe - our personality becomes more and more an instrument of the universal awareness, God, Shiva, Allah, or however one desires to call it. This is the essence of all religions. It also is the essence of all wisdom, and the essence of all sciences.

So the key to become happy in life lies in effortlessly silencing our mind, till our awareness is able to perceive its own unbounded nature as pure awareness; pure creative intelligence, at the source of our own thoughts. This brings our individual life to fulfillment. Subjectively we experience the freedom that is beyond understanding, and which in the various wisdom traditions has been called by various names, such as liberation, salvation, sattori, moksha, enlightenment. He or she, who understands the deepest meaning of these 413 words, will find peace, happiness, wisdom and love on this beautiful planet of ours!

This simple but deep reminder is offered to you by your brother Frans Langenkamp. Hope you enjoy it!

Author's Bio: 

Frans Langenkamp is an independent teacher of Holistic Awareness.