Throughout time writers have written about it, musicians sung about it, and folk talk about it … that’s the magical power of LOVE. Whether it’s the broken hearted soul singing the blues, or someone whose just been swept away by that oh so powerful sea of passion. Pretty much everyone agrees love is so very, very - GOOD!

OK, so we’re in agreement, being in love is like one of the best natural feeling rushes there is. Now I’d like to talk a little about enhancing that great natural buzz called love, and some ways that you can do this with your lover every day.
Firstly, there’s that amazing indulgence called food. And hey I’m not saying you have to be Master Chief here. Just simple stuff like taking a few of you and your lover’s favourite’ s and creating a platter to enjoy, maybe with some wine to accompany you both on a weekend picnic, an indulgent movies night, beach day, cycling, tramping, or any other fun and romantic adventure you can think of.
And if you do happen to be a gifted individual in the kitchen – well you can create that whole 3 or 4 course dinner experience once or twice a week, where just you and your special one can practice the magical art of togetherness.

The point here is just how utilizing a few of life’s other good things can enhance your relationship passion tenfold. Another relevant point would be that even if you’ve never done a special dinner or gone on a picnic, or had an indulgent movies session, etc. before with your lover? Often, just suggesting & trying new stuff together is the biggest part of the adventure – which increases passion on its own.

There are plenty more sensual techniques as well as food you can use to grow and enhance that lover’s spark. Massage is another great technique for de-stressing, relaxation, & promoting passion. Find out what scents your lover likes; go get yourself some great fragrant oils, maybe a scented candle or two for mood lighting. Set up some of that favourite music you know get the juices flowing on the stereo – and enjoy the simple art of sensual touch, that a nightly massage can bring to your relationship.
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