Renee L Richardson, M.Ed.

The Feminine Transformation: Rearing the Little Girl in You

All too many times, I have heard family members, lovers and colleagues say to me that: “You are acting immature, childish, rotten, spoiled” to name a few phrases. Well, when you are angry, hurting and in need of getting your point across, you can and will resort to any and every measure.

Psychology has referred to under developed behavior as being “Id” oriented and such has it relevancy. However, what does “Id” mean to the layman who cannot seem to find comfort when attempting to express feelings? The “Id” means absolutely nothing- Instead, when confronted while attempting to express our immature feelings, thoughts and beliefs, we can become extremely defensive- as does a child-
I have taken the liberty in narrowing down, simplifying and applying what I call The Feminine Transformation: Rearing the Little Girl in You as a means to approaching under developed issues within the inner psyche. In addition, I recently published a book entitled: Little Girl Goo: Looking a Gift Horse in the Mouth of which is based on my childhood experiences. Also, this book in particular serves as a foundation by which I began my journey in Rearing the Little Girl in ME- However, I am able to now pass on to you my approaches/theory in regard to assisting you in your Feminine Transformation-

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yours truly,
Renee L Richardson, M.Ed.

I am here for you; all that I do is for you-
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Renee L Richardson, M.Ed.

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Renee L. Richardson, M.Ed. is taking the world by storm with her approaches to wellness. Childhood abuse? "been there", Failed Intimate relationships? "been there" Poor parenting? "been there" Low self-esteem? "been there" You name it, She's been there- Now, come to where she is EVERY DAY AS SHE AWAITS YOU WITH A BRAND NEW EXPERIENCE