Playing music in your car is a great way to relieve stress while driving, and listening to your favourite playlists is always an added advantage. Listening to high quality music with the help of the GROM-USB car stereo adapter has never felt this good. You can now stream your music using the Bluetooth Toyota audio playback (A2DP), plus you will have total control over the MP3 music via your car stereo or steering wheel controls with the GROM Bluetooth Dongle. This exceedingly functional product is designed to ensure that users get the best out of their car stereos in terms of music quality.
It is very simple to use the GROM-USB stereo adapter since all it takes is connecting it to your car stereo via the CD changer port, after which listening to your playlists will be as simple as plugging in your phone or USB stick. With the practical Bluetooth Toyota hands-free mode you will be able to reject calls, answer calls, or dial the last number from your phone, and which will make your driving experience much more convenient. Any mobile phone can work with this product as long as it is Bluetooth compatible.
With the various functions that the GROM-USB adapter has you will truly enjoy driving your car; being stuck in traffic jams will at least be more bearable. You can now decide whether you want to shuffle, repeat, or scan your MP3 or WMA files, plus it is so straightforward when it comes to changing your playlists via your car steering wheel controls or via your car stereo. This product is extremely compatible with various car models and this is due to the fact that the firmware is upgradeable and has a universal interface.
Having full control via Bluetooth has never been this easy courtesy of the Bluetooth Toyota controls on the GROM Bluetooth Dongle. This Bluetooth Toyota product will play your music with a best possible sound quality.
Everything that is needed for the simple installation of this device is included in the package, and which can be bought from It really does not matter whether you are experienced or not when it comes to fitting the adapter because the instructions for doing so have been explained elaborately. The operation manual is also contained within the same packaging.
At this site, plus you can easily download them in PDF format if you so wish.

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