The thermal Flow Meter is said to comprise of several small mechanical parts such as Coriolis meter, vertex meter, ultrasonic and magnetic meter. These devices are growing in popularity with time. But before you buy one, research on the different products and brands, find out how they function and the benefits they offer to your business.

Why natural gas needs to be measured?

Natural gas is said to have varying content energy degree since it contains plenty of additives like water vapour, chemicals along with other gases. In case energy content is present in natural gas in huge amounts then there are also present heavier hydrocarbons in good amounts like Ethane, Butane and Propane.

Once you identify traces of gases like carbon dioxide, sulphides and hydrogen, you can be aware that there is insufficient amount of energy content. Once heating value is determined, its energy content can be boosted manifolds. However, you will require using a mass Flow Meter for this purpose.

What is the role of such devices?

The devices are mainly used to derive measurement of natural gas flow. The function of the meter is to show accurately the pressure drop. In case, plenty of energy content is present in the gas, then the boiler’s efficiency is likely to be boosted. Getting accurate measurements will allow saving good amount of money.

Why choose Paperless Recorder?

These meters can be used to identify natural gas flow. Being paperless, it is environment-friendly and can save lots of money in the process. But such devices are not related in any manner with natural gas volume. Rather, it uses heat to identify overall measurement.

The matter basically, is based on thermal properties of gas and heat conductivity. Two different processes are used by the device to identify how heat gets dispersed in gas. Consulting the top manufacturers like, you can invest in a quality device.

Two methods undertaken by these devices to serve the purposes are:

  • Constant current: Sensors are used in this method. However, constant heat is required throughout the process. Temperature difference noticed between sensors helps identify mass flow.
  • Constant temperature differential: Pair of sensors installed in the device helps undertake this method. The first sensor tends to heat up and the other measures, maintains as well as controls gas temperature. Electrical power calculation is what determines mass flow. The flow is crucial for ensuring sufficient amount of heat being present between the sensors.

Thermal mass-flow meter: Know the benefits

Paperless Recorder does offer lots of advantages to identify natural gas flow. Some primary advantages are given below:

  • The device is designed to measure gases even with shallow pressure.
  • They offer quick response time.
  • They help measure large pipes.
  • It is a wonderful choice to monitor as well as control flow of gas.
  • They are cost-effective.

You should purchase gas flow meter only from a reputed manufacturer. This way, you can ensure it works for a long time and provides accurate results as desired.

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