UPSC is undoubtedly the most important employer in India. It recruits people in different grades where there is absolutely the best students gets in. the posts that they hold is the best in India and they are the ones who actually run this country. They are the secretaries who hold the most important posts in the Indian government. The UPSC syllabus is very complex with lots of things to be read and understood. In fact there is nothing that someone aspiring to be an IAS or any of the allied services shouldn’t read. The syllabus is vast and covers everything that you have covered from school level to graduation and also beyond that. Indian Economic Service is an allied sector in the civil services. It requires people from economics background and only they can apply for it. The posts are highly prestigious and the officers work for the economic betterment and also in the planning commission of India.
* UPSC provides the officers who work under the ministries and other departments of India government. Every year in the month of may-June the preliminary exam is been conducted for the all India services. Persons who are above the cut off mark for the respective year are again called for the mains exam which is said to be the toughest exam in India. if you are able to secure a position in the list then you will be called in for the final phase that is the interview or personality test. This is the job in India so the interview is expected to be the toughest both analytically and mentally.
* UPSC syllabus consists of all the subjects possible both in objective and descriptive way. The optional papers are based on two of the graduation level subjects in which you are required to score. Practically there nothing you can leave out. You just have to know everything, all around you what is happening and the personality to run the nation.
* Indian Economic Service is an allied post which has more value economically for a developing country like India. Its not direct administration but administering the economy of the country.

Maybe the UPSC syllabus is indeed like an ocean but there no alternative to perseverance. You can surely crack the exam if you are determined to join IAS or also Indian Economic Service. UPSC provides the right way to work for the nation.

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