How many times have you heard that you get what you focus on? Every personal development guru mentions it in relation to the laws of attraction and manifestation. And the basic premise works well. As you emotionally energize your thoughts through consistent focus, they will come into your experience sooner or later.

Most of our life experience is a result of our continued, energized thoughts, our focus. If we doubt ourselves and our abilities, that will be our experience – doubt, equivocation, disappointment and perhaps even failure. But if we trust our creative ability, allow inner inspiration to guide us, we will allow and create a happy and fulfilling outcome and experience
So it comes down to focus and energizing that focus, to create our life experience. If our thoughts are our creative mechanism, and they are indeed, then we need to pay close attention to what we are subconsciously believing when we are not specifically and purposely ‘thinking’. How can you do this?

Train yourself to become aware of your thoughts and notice how and what you are feeling. Become more self aware. It takes diligence and practise to be the observer of your life as well as the actor. Life is a full-immersion play. We can simultaneously watch ourselves act our part and alter the script if we see such changes will improve the play.

How we feel about ourself determines our thoughts. If we feel powerful, confident and enthusiastic, our thoughts will follow along the same energy frequency. And alternately of course, if we feel inadequate to the task, or doubt our ability, we will generate doubtful and even self-recriminating thoughts. These are the very thoughts that immediately begin to energize our future experience. So we need to become aware of how we feel and of our subsequent thoughts. Practise noticing how you are feeling, and seek to feel happier; constantly adjust your attitude so you feel better.

So let’s move on to the question of focus. We end up experiencing what we have focused upon, that is, what we have thus energized. It would be wise to choose and direct our focus very carefully from the inception of a desire. Why not choose to focus on what may give you greater fulfilment, deeper joy and more delightful love experiences? It makes more sense to choose a positive, happy future than a depressing, unfulfilling or sad one.

Who we believe we are, generates feelings that correspond to that self appraisal. Then those feelings, those positive or negative emotions, influence the nature of our thoughts. These thoughts, energized by how we feel and focus, start to form into our experience as our reality. Choose with awareness and deliberate intent. You are what you think you are and you will get what you think you deserve.

In short, create yourself the way you want to be. Choose to be and feel joy, success, light heartedness, simplicity, trust and love. These will become your experience when you focus and energize them. And in creating a happier and more empowering life for yourself, you will be a beacon, a way-shower for others. It starts with one person choosing to be conscious, aware and focused. There is only one thing you need in life and that is to love yourself. From that, every part of your life will flow with grace and ease.

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