Inflatable pools, freestanding or rigid pools, above ground pools offer a small haven of freshness sometimes fragile. Also, to avoid disappointment the day you fall for an above-ground pool, you should follow the expert advices from Atlanta Pool and read our tips below.

Should we opt for an above ground pool? Yes, because an above ground pool costs less than a pool and its installation is fast. Is this a reason to consider the above ground pool as disposable after the summer season? Certainly the inflatable pools bought for a few euros will not last long repeated attacks of children. But there are durable above ground pools made of PVC, steel, wood or concrete, provided you take certain precautions. What are the main mistakes to avoid with an above ground pool? Response elements.

Mistake # 1: buy an above ground pool without thinking about its placement in the garden

Take the time to determine the perfect place to install your above ground pool. The above ground pool should be well exposed to the sun, protected from the wind, but far enough away from trees and shrubs to limit falling leaves in the water. There must also be a water supply, a power supply, an environmentally friendly wastewater drain and a small technical shelter for the equipment. Also arrange a space around the pool large enough to install a garden and watch the children in the water.

All of these settings will help you determine the ideal size of your above ground pool.

Mistake # 2: buy an above ground pool without knowing the formalities to be done in Town Hall

Before installing your pool above ground, consider inquiring in City Hall, especially if you live in a protected area, a classified site or pending classification.

In general, an above ground pool is not subject to a declaration of work, if it corresponds to the following cases: a use of less than 3 months in the year, a pool less than 10 m2, a height of less than 60 cm, an implantation at least 3 meters from the property lines.

Mistake # 3: Putting your pool above ground without a method

At the time of purchase, compare the models, the quality of the components (thickness of the liner according to the size of the pool, wood autoclaved minimum class 4, because it will be in direct contact with the water etc.) and product guarantees (between 5 and 15 years for the structure).

Build a good support for your pool, perfectly flat and solid. The ideal is to lay a concrete screed that you will cover with a protective felt for the liner.

Mounting an above ground pool requires 1 to 2 working days for 2 people, depending on the model.

Mistake # 4: Ignore security rules for an aboveground pool

According to the DGCCRF (Directorate General for Competition, Consumer Affairs and Fraud Control) , "Given the drowning of young children that occur there every year, all swimming in the aboveground pools must be done under the constant surveillance of adults able to intervene quickly in case of danger ". In the absence of specific regulations, above ground pools are therefore subject to the general safety requirement. Consult your insurer to find out if you are well covered and what equipment to install.

It is better to prevent access to these pools outside swimming by a standard fence, a rigid and solid tarpaulin and/or an alarm. Finally buy a retractable ladder that can be stored away from the pool above ground to avoid tempting the little adventurers.

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Hasan Root, a dream lover.