In order to ensure whether all the goals are being consistently met in an effective and efficient manner in an organization, a well designed Performance Management system is needed. There are many areas in an organization that require efficient Management Solutions to deliver transparency and quality of work to meet the set standards. However, this process will also help an organization to align all the different resources, systems and employees to strategic objectives and priorities within a strategic plan.

The main purpose of the performance management process is to align individual performance records with organizational plans to achieve the overall company vision, mission and strategies effectively. The implementation of a right Performance Management Solution that drives focus and transparency is very crucial to the success of organizations in today’s competitive world.

Generally, a performance management model is divided into four sub methods or processes. Though each organization implements distinct solutions in a different manner and ways, the main objectives remain the same at the end. The purpose and the goal of the process are unique for all the organizations.

The main four processes involved in a Performance Management process area:

• Performance planning
• Training and feedback
• Reviewing and appraising
• Rewarding

Performance Planning:

Performance planning is a core business process in the Performance Management that converts strategic plans into understandable goals and actions in an organization. It is used to provide a structured approach to the attainment of the desired level of performance for both individuals and teams. In this process all the aspects of performance are considered including the behavior of the employees. Nevertheless, employees play a major role in the performance planning process. The result of this process will provide the means to identify all the barriers between better performance and a probable solution to eliminate such inconsistencies.

Training and Feedback:

Once the inconsistencies are being identified, implementation a proper training becomes mandate for the managers and also to the employees to get an improvement in the overall performance. In this process managers are selected for and held accountable for effective coaching to all the employees in an organization. However, modeling of a coaching behavior is very critical as it creates a climate for superior performance.
Reviewing and Appraising:

Reviewing is the most important stage in the Performance Management process as it involves both performance evaluation and development opportunities for the employees. The human resource team plays a major role in this process by opening up a communication between the employees and the mangers to discuss their perspectives and thoughts. As per the results evaluated employees will be rated and rewarded for their performance.


This is the final process involved in the Performance Management plan. Once the evaluations are done, all the employees will be rewarded as per their achievements. This process also allows the individuals to clearly understand how the monetary and non-monetary rewards are being allotted. However, salary discussion is separate from this process.

Certainly, a good performance management system works towards the improvement of the overall organizational performance by managing the performances of teams and individuals by ensuring that all the organizational ambitions and goals are met regularly. A right Performance Management Solution implemented with the right plan has the ability to tailor your employees with the required skills and tools to take charge of their work responsibilities for their own development and also for the company’s progress. The most common benefits of a well designed management process are improved overall performance, employee retention and loyalty, improved productivity, overcoming the barriers to communication, clear accountabilities, and cost advantages as well. Learn more at

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