Abu Hurairah was one of the devoted Sahabah and the most prolific narrator of Hadith. His prodigious efforts regarding transmitting hadith are considered the authentic ones. He embraced Islam at the hand of At-Tufayl Ibn Amir belonged to Daws tribe. He lived in the Tihamah region stretches along the coast of Red Sea in Southern Arabia. After meeting to Prophet (SAW), Abu-Tufayl returned his village and preached Islam to his people, so Abu Hurairah was the first who accepted Islam.

When he visited Makkah accompanied by Abu Tufayl, he had the honor and privileged of meeting the Messenger of Allah (SWT). At asking the name from Prophet (SAW), Abu Hurairah replied that he was known as Abdul Shams “Servant of Sun”. At that Prophet (SAW) suggested his name Abdul Rahman “Servant of God”. However, he had much interest in a kitten as in his childhood he had mostly spent by playing with them, so Prophet (SAW) called him Abu Hurairah “the kitten’s father” as nickname and later on it had been so-called. The spot of Abu Hurairah is still found in Madinah from those who go to Makkah with umrah packages the UK in order to perform Umrah.

He remained alone before his marriage but with his mother and devoted his life for Islam. He tried hard to convert his mother towards Islam but she was not agreed to embrace Islam and stubborn at idolatry. One day, he preached her about the true faith, while on the contrary, she spoke such harsh words which truly saddened him.

He came to the Prophet (SAW) with full of tears and explained how his mother commented about the Prophet (SAW). So, he appealed that O Messenger of Allah pray for her for Hidayah as my all efforts could not bore fruits. When he returned home, he found his mother in the state of Imaan (faith) as she witnessed that there is no god but Allah and Muhammad (SAW) is the Servant of Him.
The event was unimaginable for Abu Hurairah, he thanked Allah (SWT) and immediately ran towards Prophet (SAW) to give him the good news regarding his mother faith. Thus, he presented himself before the Prophet (SAW) and kissed his hands by saying that the pray of Allah’s Apostle has fulfilled. Abu Hurairah had a great love with Prophet (SAW) and in return, he got immense pray from Allah’s Apostle. Unlike other people, he spent most of his time with Prophet (SAW) by serving him during the journeys and expeditions as well. If you are interested to see the marks of expeditions in an Arab land, so avail December umrah packages uk 2019 and get the history of Islam.

He had admirable memory and eloquence, so that’s why numbers of Hadith he learned and recorded. Not only he saved the sayings of Prophet (SAW) but also transmitted for the coming Muslim Ummah. He had great knowledge of Islam which he taught by Prophet (SAW) and he delivered to the seekers.

He led simple life by eating just some grains of dates and enthusiastic for the proselytizing Islam by placing a stone on his stomach in the state of severe hunger. At last, he married a pious woman who educated her children to follow the Sunnah of Prophet (SAW). His house was never gone empty with supplications as any member of his family remained busy in spirituality.

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