Abudo is a healthcare focused website that seeks to educate people on dealing with their diseases by guiding them on various practices they need to adapt to in order to lead a better life. The platform provides structured video lectures on a variety of various diseases that teaches the patients about the diseases, its impact on their body, various treatment options available, and additionally managing their diseases by making some beneficial lifestyle amendments.

In a similar bid towards educating newly blessed mothers, Abudo has come up with a brand new video lecture on health education for antenatal mother, providing the ultimate, easy to follow guide that aims to enlighten all the expecting mothers about the various phases they will go through during their maternity.

During her pregnancy, a woman undergoes a lot of changes, both physically and emotionally. It has a direct effect on an antenatal mother’s body as she prepares to deliver a child into the world. The video lecture teaches her about everything she needs to know about maternity, from the impacts on her body to how the baby grows inside her and what she can do so that she keeps the fetus healthy. Moreover, this health education video covers the common misapprehensions that people have about pregnancies and in turn, benefit the new mothers in avoiding complications and equip them to better handle the pregnancy stress.

Nowadays, as our global economy is booming, greater number of women, including pregnant women are joining the workforce. And giving birth to a child shouldn’t be stopping her from becoming a self-independent working individual. Abudo also understands this need and hence, has included an in-depth training segment, teaching the working antenatal mother about the dos and don’ts to be followed during the work hours and while travelling to places, whether to office or anywhere else in the world.

For any expecting mother, the support and care from their families is equally important for having a smooth and pleasant maternity period. Therefore, in addition to the expecting mothers, the health education learning guide also includes the ways in which, families, especially new fathers can support their wives in this beautiful journey, by giving them the care and attention they desire, along with keeping a regular tab on the health stats like blood pressure.

Abudo’s video covers each and every aspect of the maternity duration from precautions to be taken in the start, to the necessary packing required on the delivery day, and to the post-delivery precautions one must take, ensuring a panic-free memorable time for new mothers as well as their loved ones.

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