It is hard when you do not feel like you are experiencing abundance to then claim that it is your birthright. I know. I have lived with poverty and though nowhere near as bad as it could have been, it still infected all of my thinking.

Everything came with a struggle…

I had to do things I did not want to do in order to live…

I thought that was just the way life had to be forever and then, one day, I actually listened in to some of the promises being offered by God and I opened up inside of me to the possibility that it did not actually have to be all doom and gloom with a happy smile plastered on it.

You probably know what I mean.

It is one thing to hear people talk about abundance, to kinda agree with it on Sunday (or whatever day it is that you attended the latest Mike Dooley Talk :-) ) but then you have to go home, where things are nowhere near that rosy. And live among people who are dependent on you to keep doing whatever you have always done to keep them happy and satisfied.

And somehow, in the midst of all that, you have to be able to say and believe that …
Abundance is your birthright’!

‘Yeah, right!’ might be more what you are thinking at this point.

And yet, you always, always, ALWAYS will get what you believe you will get.

In short, you get what you expect to get.

You expect life to be full of struggle and hardship then that is what you get.

You expect that every single penny you make will be like wringing sweat out of a stone…

Then yes, that is what you will get.

Or maybe, despite appearances to the seeming contrary, you can act on faith that ABUNDANCE REALLY IS YOUR BIRTHRIGHT and so therefore, as you are going through fire anyway to maintain your regular state of existence, you can choose to go through the fire of working new beliefs into your head.

Do you understand?

I am not saying here that just because you suddenly say that abundance is yours then everything gets easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy – NO, I am saying that there are two ways to experience pain.

There is the pain that goes nowhere – You struggle and struggle to stay still

Or there is the pain that is a little like childbirth – You struggle towards something bigger and better than you currently have.
Same amount of energy but you get different results.

One keeps you stagnant, talking with other stagnant people who moan and groan about the state of affairs in the world and how it is such a struggle to make a living etc etc. Those people who are envious of the rich because they seem to have something that this person cannot get.

Not true, but it is what they believe.

You can join them, if you like.
Or you can choose to believe for better, for ease, for flow…

And you can choose to deliberately design a life you actually want.

Go on, think about it.

If money was no object, what would you like to be doing with your time?

How can you start to fit it in now and also how can you stop doing some of the stuff you no longer want to do?

It is your choice, you know!

The energy expended on work will be about the same or maybe, you will get a lot more excited about doing work that makes you feel alive and so you will give it a lot more energy than you give to your standing-still current career.

And yes, there will be the emotional tension that comes with choosing to act on a belief system that you are still trying to believe. There will be moments when you wonder whether you are a little loopy for trying to break free from the boring sameness of regular life. After all, everyone you know seems to be able to settle down to it – why can’t you?

You can’t because you know that you are called to more.

So, instead of fighting that and dying a slow death until you actually die, why not choose to believe that you can have an abundant life where you only get to do what you want to do?

And then deliberately do what it takes to make it so.

It is really never a case of ‘Can I?’ because of course you can – The only question is ‘Will I?’.

It just takes a redirection of your energy and your thoughts.

Go on… Give it a go!
Do more of what you want and less of what you don’t.

Deliberately create and keep creating life as you picture it.

Dare to step out of your comfort zone into doing and being something that you have not done or been before.

Look again at that vision that keeps showing up in your head and figure out what one step towards it would look like and then DO IT!

And yes, if you want it to come to pass while you are still alive – ACT FASTER!

Powerful leader, creator YOU – there is nothing you cannot do when you really put your mind to it. So, go on… DO IT!

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Fight for, deliberately design the life you are born to live!

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