The problem I have with abundance affirmations is that if they aren’t believable to you and you say them, you’re not doing any good, know what I mean?

So here’s the trick, its called scripting for inner and outer intentions. Works like a charm!

Instead of reading abundance affirmations that are way off of the map of your current reality, try something a bit more real, more digestible, more tangible and work your way up to a new reality. After all no one goes from broke to millionaire in just a moment. You don’t become pregnant and give birth right way, there is a process to things, a natural process to life and manifesting your desires and manifesting abundance.

As much as you would like to believe that reading a few abundance affirmations a day will cure the lack in your life the truth is it takes more focus and energetic investment that that to shift into prosperity.

So here is how you can successfully work with the law of abundance. Write out what you want to feel when you are doing such and such an action, or how you want to feel when you are thinking such and such. For example:

I am connecting with source energy to stay calm, focussed, balanced and strong when having doubts so that I easily move into abundance and prosperity thinking.

When I am feeling down, remind me that everything is happening in divine timing and for divine reason and help me allow more ease, flow and abundance in my life.

Do you see how this is very different from all of the other abundance affirmations?

I am enjoying abundance in my life now.

How do you connect with that last one? If it’s not true for you chances are there will be very little emotional connection and so then nothing anchors. The trick to manifesting is to involve your emotional self on a deep level, a deep feeling level which sends out vibrations that call into your experience. So start from where you are. Play with this tool called scripting.

Here are a few more examples:

I need major help and guidance when scarcity thinking and stinking thinking or when limited thinking takes ahold of me, so that I can easily remember that my divine right to abundance and shift quickly to thoughts of prosperity.

Help me align my energies with those of abundance, prosperity, ease and flow so that my experience in life is smooth, joyous, light and loving.

Help me to enjoy the process of learning to attract wealth and abundance so that I allow it into my experience even quicker!

Help me remember that my level of happiness is directly related to the level of abundance in my life!

Hope this quick lesson on scripting out your abundance affirmations was helpful!

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Skilled in assisting others to find their own path to fulfillment, Vanessa is knowledgeable about how the Universe works to create magically for those who embrace and utilize fully the laws of attraction.