2008 and the early part of 2009 saw global sharemarkets take a nose-dive as people watched their hard-earned savings in share investments and superannuation get substantially wiped off. The doom and gloom merchants, largely in the media, would have had us believe the global economy was irretrievably collapsing. The fear thus generated in people caused them to feel like powerless victims completely unable to control the direction of their life.

Isn't it time we realise we have been controlled through media-generated fear and disaster for too long? It is now time to shift our thinking to the new paradigm of personal empowerment, switch off the 6.00pm TV news, start to reclaim our power and leave those doom and gloom merchants far behind.

My hypnotherapy training has taught me that the subconscious mind cannot discriminate between a vividly-imagined experience and a real one. So let’s start to create the New Story of the Life of our Dreams vividly in our minds and focus on this, rather than on our old story of hardship and struggle!

The Universal Law of Attraction draws to us whatever we focus on. It does not discriminate between perceived negative and positive things, but merely is a faithful servant bringing back to you an exact measure of what you focus on predominantly. You may wonder why you do your Affirmations religiously each day, yet nothing seems to change. It is necessary to look at how much of each day is spent in positivity and faith in your ability to manifest, as opposed to how much is subconscious negative self-talk, faulty beliefs and just automatically running old outmoded mind programs. For instance, no matter how many positive affirmations you make regarding being prosperous and a ‘money-magnet’, if you are subconsciously stuck in Poverty Consciousness, then guess what you get more of according to the Law of Attraction? You guessed it – more situations in your life to keep you stuck financially! This also holds true for relationships, health and all areas of your life. You get exactly what you predominantly focus on subconsciously. Time to change that subconscious programming?

Take some time now to think about what you want to achieve in your life this year, whether it be in relationships, career, health, finances or whatever. Be wild and free in your thinking, imagining yourself free of limitations. Write this Desire Statement down and speak it out positively with conviction every day. The Desire Statement must be written in the present tense, as if everything has already happened. Totally avoid negatives and statements of what you don’t want. Vividly tune into and imagine the fabulous feelings of joy, success and achievement at already having achieved all of those things you do want.

This will progressively bring you into Vibrational Alignment with all you seek, allowing those things to manifest effortlessly into your experience. A dense, heavy vibration keeps you stuck where you are, but raising your vibration through conscious intent, by creating more joy in your life and by reducing stress can soon get you to where you want to be. When you have worked through the layers of fear holding you back from what you want, then you are left with a deep inner knowing and the desired manifestation happens. The final key to manifestation is having the faith that it is there for you and letting go of the attachment to the outcome. A personal example to illustrate this is my being offered one of those time-share discount holiday deals over the phone a couple of years ago ‘in appreciation for participating in their survey’. Now we had just received 7 days free accommodation on the Gold Coast,Australia, I said jokingly to my daughter, “Now I just need to manifest the airfares!” As I had let go of the outcome completely, more because I had said it as a joke than anything else, the next day after business in Canberra, I won the $3000 jackpot in the lottery at the club we went to for dinner! The strange thing was I had this deep inner knowing that I would win it as soon as I bought the ticket – a completely unwavering faith. I had manifested not only the airfares for 3 to the Gold Coast, but also all the other expenses and spending money too within 24 hours. Wow!

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At Angel Wings Healing Michelle Mayur focuses on releasing your energetic blocks and outmoded mental programming using Hypnotherapy and Channelled Energy Work, so you can truly live the life of your dreams. More info at http://www.angelwings-healing.com. Also launching in mid 2010 - http://www.heal-the-healer.com, an online mentoring and membership program incorporating health, wealth and happiness for wellness professionals and coaches. Michelle has also facilitated powerful Spiritual Egypt Tour groups.