What is Acai? Actually it is a small purple or cherry colored berry found in the forests of the Amazon. It’s very rich in vitamins and minerals and has an extreme antioxidant capacity. Freeze dried Acai is often referred to as the world’s strongest antioxidant. Not all Acai is of the same quality, so it’s crucial to look for first class products. In addition to being one of the best and most healthful antioxidants provided by nature, it has a strong energy boosting effect. But here’s the question: If it’s so amazing, why haven’t we seen it in the market in plethora? Well, the reason is obvious. First, the stone makes up 90% of this grape sized fruit and the stone has no nutritional value. Secondly, the fruit loses most of its antioxidant power within 24 hours after the harvest. So unless you live in the Amazon, you won’t be able to enjoy fresh Acai.

The solution is to buy freeze dried Acai concentrate. You see, this conserving method ensures that all the antioxidant capacity and the nutritional content are preserved. No heat is being used in this conserving method, and since the water is removed, such a product is much stronger than the original berry; it’s more concentrated. You get all the benefits as with the fresh fruit, without ingesting tons of calories. The authenticity of this product is undisputed and that can be checked by its ORAC score or ORAC significa. This is a measure of the antioxidant power of a certain food or substance. And since it is one of the best antioxidants and most nutritious fruits, it might be useful as a supplement to prevent several diseases. It’s no secret that Acai is becoming more and more popular among models and Hollywood actors. One of the benefits of consistent use is that it gives glowing, youth looking skin. Not many dietary supplements yield beautiful skin.

Apart from being used as a beauty product, Acai can also be used as an aphrodisiac to enhance the sexual longevity. In Brazil there is no doubt about this. If a woman watches her man eating Acai before going to bed, she knows she’ll be having a great night.

So, if this superfood is so healthful and yet so vulnerable, how to get it and where to buy Acai is an apparent question. Is there any Acai check list that tells us what to look for when purchasing Acai products? Well, such a check list is available on the internet. It’s extremely useful as it goes into details on all relevant aspects regarding Acai supplements. The author has not forgotten anything when making this impressive and extremely informative check list. The best thing with high quality, freeze dried Acai is that it doesn’t cause any side effects. It’s simply an organic fruit that grows in one of the purest regions of the world, a fruit that has been consumed for several hundred years.

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