What does it actually mean to stay young forever? Are we thinking of perfect, glowing skin without wrinkles? Or maybe a fit and toned body? What about having lots of energy? Staying healthy is also an important factor. A satisfying and exciting sex life is without question also something we associate with staying young even if our factual age is increasing every year. Fortunately, age is just a number.

For most people, all the factors mentioned above are of great importance to feel young and healthy. So where should you look to find the fountain of youth? While there are many anti-aging products out there, one that has gained lots of popularity, is freeze dried Acai. This small Amazon fruit has been ranked as superfood number 1 by several well-known experts. The reasons for this exceptional status are many. First, it’s believed to be nature’s strongest antioxidant. Measuring a product’s or substance’s antioxidant capacity can be done with several different lab tests. One method, the ORAC-score, is probably the most common and reliable way of testing antioxidant levels nowadays. But also other test methods confirm the unique properties of freeze dried Acai.

In Brazil, the home country of Acai, this little berry is also being used as a natural aphrodisiac and as an appetite suppressant. Even doctors recommend this superberry to patients with different types of problems. In the Amazon region, Acai has been an extremely important part of the natives’ diet for several hundred years. There are no reported serious side effects of this use.

Since Acai contains so many healthful substances in addition to its outstanding antioxidant capacity, many experts believe it can contribute to beauty from within. We’re talking internal skin care! By scavenging free radicals at the cellular level, while providing the body with so many vitamins, minerals, healthy fats and amino acids, the use of high-quality freeze dried Acai can surely result in inner beauty; a beauty that makes a person beautiful on the outside as well.

The beauty of this amazing berry, which is best experienced by the use of freeze dried Acai with a high ORAC score, is that it’s extremely healthful and can yield noticeable, visible results when used consistently. Not bad for a small berry, eh?

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