In this article I will cover a very controversial topic, side effects of Acai Berry. With sudden rise in popularity of Acai Berry, a lot of people wonder: "OK, so it is healthy, but it has to have some dark side."

This way of thinking is very common, after all in these times, when nearly everything we take to improve our health is artificial, it has become normal to search for some "catch" as to effectiveness of anything that is supposes to be good for our body. However, searching for side effects of Acai Berry is very similar to trying to find side effects of consuming too much fruits of other kind.

OK, so it is healthy when eaten in moderate quantities, but what about all those Acai supplements that contain very high quantity of Acai? Again, your worries are pointless, as research shows, native inhabitants of Brazilian rain forest eat incredible amounts of Acai Berry. Some reports say that their diet consist in 42% from Acai. Nearly half of what they eat is Acai Berry, however there is no scientific data as to any health issues that have direct relation to Acai Berry. Therefore, you can be sure you won't experience any problems from eating too much of Acai.

The only case when significant health issues may occur is, when person eating Acai has some kind of berry or pollen allergy. In this case it may lead to some serious conditions, but I doubt that anyone aware of such fact would get even close to any kind of berry.

Something that in majority of cases is considered to be advantage of Acai, may be perceived as a flow by some. I am talking about the fact that Acai Berry can decrease your appetite. This is the main reason why it is sold as a weight loss product, because if you will consume enough amount of Acai, you will feel less hunger. This situation isn't caused by any negative influence of Acai on your body. It is so nutritious that you will stay full much longer and feel better.

Another thing that some people experience, is slight diarrhea. It happens mainly with Acai Berry juice, however people with delicate bowels may go through it even when taking pills. It occurs only when you overdose Acai, and this symptom is completely normal when it comes to any kind of berry juice/product. That is why if you have sensitive digestive system, you should watch how much Acai you take.

Overall Acai's side effects seem small and irrelevant compared to its benefits. This fruit helps with almost any kind of disease and health related issue. So don't get fooled by people scaring you of it's flaws, just to make you buy some artificial product that will do more bad than good for you.

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