Having a website is essential for all types of businesses as it helps to create your company’s online presence. A professional-looking website assists you to market your business online.

The emerging technologies are supported by web development, as there is a constant evolution in the field of web development. Web design changes with technological advancements so, it is vital for web developers to create modern well-design websites.

A web design Nottingham agency can be helpful for you to design a website according to in-demand trends and technologies. In addition, the agency will make sure to fully communicate your brand ethos and USP, to keep you on top of the competition.

Web design services in Nottingham continue to set trends through the latest updates in the field of web design & development. The developers create fresh and modern web designs by keeping the following trends in mind.

Mobile design

The developers are focusing more on mobile design as its ramping up in the world of web development. It is important to keep the mobile design simple, readable, yet unique. On mobile devices, single-column patterns look best (width - no more than 600 pixels).

White Space

In extraordinary web designs, white space has long been a consideration. It improves readability with the help of margins drawing the user’s eyes to specific areas.


Minimalism is used to emphasis on contrasting design elements, attractive typography and proficiently laid out navigation.

Fast-Loading pages

Users prefer fast-loading pages while visiting different web pages. A simple and useful tip in this regard is to minimize image sizes that are displayed on web pages.


An illustration can make your website unique in true sense. It can be more eye-catching compared to photography. Recent studies suggest that illustration is seven times more real and effective than photography. Any business website can grab the audiences attention through illustrations.

At Intelicle, we have a professional team of experts to provide high-quality e-commerce solutions. Our team will assist you in achieving your established goals in this highly competitive digital world. We will create an amazing plan for your digital business as per your budget.

In e-commerce development services, Intelicle stands out from its competitors. Many businesses are utilizing e-commerce, as it is so beneficial to increase their ROI. We are offering custom e-commerce solutions for our clients in order to get the best results for them. Our company has the capability to design all kinds of high-quality e-commerce sites for all small or large online businesses.

Here are the features of our e-commerce platform:

  • We provide user-friendly website themes to our clients.
  • We also offer Search Engine Optimization (SEO) features all over the site.
  • We deliver built-in features like discounts, promotions and analytics, etc. for any kind of online business.

With the help of adaptive web design, any business website can be viewed without any problems on computers and on mobile devices. 

Why should a business website be responsive?

Here are a few key points:

  • Today, users use a wide variety of devices with which you can access the Internet – they all differ in screen size and resolution, so the website on each of them will be displayed differently.
  • The popularity of mobile devices continues to grow at a fast pace, Internet traffic is increasing, so a significant part of the audience of any company browses the site from smartphones or tablets.
  • If urgent information often appears on your resource that the user can read on the phone at any time, then it is best to use adaptive design.

Intelicle uses various ways to keep our clients ahead of the curve. As e-commerce is so fluctuating, our company aims to use updated and effective web design techniques as compared to competitors.

Author's Bio: 

Andrew Scott is a senior content writer at intelicle, leading web design agency in Nottingham