The greatest threat to your future success has very little to do with anything outside of you. The greatest thief of your potential is not someone waiting in an alley, eager to rob you; it is your own mind. Don’t become a victim to yourself and allow your dreams to be crushed because you are limiting your potential with doubt and negative thoughts.

It is never what happens that determines the major part of your future or how your life will turn out in the end. Whatever happens in our environment happens to many people in similar circumstances to you and yet they manage to succeed. The major factor that determines the future you will enjoy is how you choose to respond to what happens to you.

Looking at things that are not ideal in your environment and acting like a victim, takes away all your power and sets you up to live a life of mediocrity. It is as effective as cursing the earth, rain and sunshine for your circumstances, when that is all you have. Allowing yourself to think like a victim and act like a victim will do nothing more than make you a victim that is trapped and can do nothing but complain.

Confront the circumstances that surround and accept with effort even lemons can be turned into lemonade. Stop making excuses and walk away from the herd. Believe that you can walk ahead of the crowd, walk away from the 97 % of people that see themselves as victims and begin to shine.

Stop using the excuses that have kept you trapped in a life that is unfulfilling and empty and finally take charge of your life and future. Everything you can have do and be is limited only by what you are prepared to do, never by what you encounter along the way.

Always be open to listen to advice and feedback you receive, but never become a slave to other people’s opinions. Feedback and advice are there to serve as instruments to measure your performance and assess if the actions you are taking are aligned with the outcomes you desire. They are never orders or instructions on how you should proceed. As Abraham Lincoln said, “Since I will be no mans slave, I will be no mans master”

Accept 100 % responsibility for everything in your life. It is very difficult to change the circumstances you face each day, the seasons, or the state of the economy, but you can very easily change yourself.

You have complete control over your self, you decide how much daily discipline you will apply, you decide how much you will read each day, you decide if you are prepared to acquire new skills or not, you decide if you will attend seminars or classes that will help you to grow into the type of person you need to be to attract the success you desire.

Success is something you attract by the person you become; it is never something you pursue. Anything you pursue will elude you. Your earnings, relationships, health and future are dependant on how you respond to the circumstances that surround you right now. You have complete control over how you respond to anything in your environment, so choose your responses very carefully in the future. Each one is molding the future you will live.

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I am a straight shooting, grounded and deeply curious teacher that works with entrepreneurs and business leaders. I guide them to weave their passion, potential and plans into progress, performance, persistence, productivity and profit.

My No. 1 goal when I speak is this: to ignite magic in each person, to connect with them so I can help renew a vision, to help someone find a lost belief or birth a new one, to create a spark or inspire someone to take action so they can achieve what they desire!