When you look up the word accept, you get many definitions because it can be used in various ways, which we all know. I recently met a very intelligent, inspiring, and motivated individual. I enjoyed meeting with her because she is such an amazing entrepreneur that she caught my attention.

Even though we had much in common when it comes to being an entrepreneur, there was one thing we did not agree on. The word “accept.” We both interpreted “accept” in Identity’s tagline, Accept. Appreciate. Achieve.™, in a different way. She didn’t like it so much because her take on “accept” meant to settle. That was the first time I heard that point of view, and I respect that. Therefore, I thought I’d share how I came up with Accept. Appreciate. Achieve.™ and what “accept” means to me.

Growing up, I always thought the grass was always greener. I never accepted who I was, where I came from, and myself as an individual. I always wanted to lose that stupid 10 pounds, and it cost me to really love and embrace who I was. After working for a company that brought back my body image insecurity, I needed to take a stand and be strong. I needed to accept who I was, what I looked like, my intelligence, and everything that I was. Not settling, but accepting so I could appreciate who I was and what I had to offer. Then that opened up a whole new world for achievements to be made.

I strongly believe that if you do not accept who you are, you can’t really appreciate yourself, and if you don’t appreciate, how the heck can you achieve anything in life? That’s my philosophy because I lived it and now I feel free and real. It’s an incredible feeling to not always think the grass is greener on the other side. I’ve lost that stupid 10 pounds from not dwelling on it every day. Ha-ha. Go figure.

So when I tell you to Accept. Appreciate. Achieve™. I’m saying to not settle, but accept YOU and appreciate YOU, because you have a lot to offer and many goals to achieve in life. You’ll enjoy the ride and embrace life much more when you take the initial step to accept.

Accept & Embrace YOU.