Sarah-Jane reached a near death point many times in her life until she demanded that things change or life was not worth living anymore. After spending years searching for the answers and trying to make sense of the insanity of her life, years of trying to do what was supposed to bring happiness, she reached a breaking point. Surviving suicide, chronic disease, mis-diagnosis, labels and mental breakdown, she realized that there had to be more to life than this and if there wasn’t she was not interested anymore. Through Being the question and asking “what would I like my life to look like?” Her choices took on a life force of their own and the systems and body processes she discovered over the past 12 years, created such dramatic change both physically, mentally and how her life began to show up as more ease, joy and abundance that her personal request to the Universe from thereon has been to facilitate change though expanding awareness and Being the change the world requires.

Her degrees and studies in holistic integration of body mind, health, anatomy and physiology, psychology, Access Consciousness CFMW, fascia release, radiesthesia, adv CBP parama bodytalk, sports performance and rehabilitation and Animal communication, Animaltalk and physiology to name a few, became the creation of the ever changing, ever expanding practices of True Nature Specialised BodyTalk and Access Consciousness.
She continues to expand and out create the joy of business and all paradigms of health. She is the invitation to choose a different possibility in your life and that of your animal companions. The Life Science matrixes brings a unique energy capable of unlocking powerful depths of consciousness. This is not only liberating to the mind and nurturing for the heart, it unlocks the supremacy that is Parama. Her willingness to ask a different question and “Be” the question allows True Nature to be on the creative edge of dynamic change and expansion of selff for herself, her family, clients, animals domestic and wild and the Earth itself.
Her daily question of “what energy, space and consciousness can I be, that will allow something far greater than I could ever imagine possible?” and "How can I assist people to live in their True Nature…" is the contribution she is. Sarah-Jane offers facilitation in every facet of life, living and the world, as a health practitioner curing the incurable and as a motivational speaker on all things conscious – body, kids, chronic disease and the Joy of business. She teaches Access The Bars, Foundation and level 1, Animal Communications, body and energetic facelift- beyond Botox and Magic – you Be it! To name a few. Her new book is to be published shortly and she continues to keep asking ‘what else is possible?”

She is a world-wide facilitator of Access Consciousness, a set of tools to literally transform anything in anyone's life.

Her infinite joy, sense of compassion, and deep awareness is helping thousands breakthrough barriers of limitations. Her engaging and joy-filled style of speaking has enabled her to be the keynote speaker at many events. She continues to teach classes for people and animals including corporate, educations, endangered wildlife and community projects. Her philanthropic contributions include many animal shelters, animal rescue rehabilitation centers and support programmes such as thriving with autism, cancer and chronic disease, addictions, and much more, inspiring people to create amazing lives.

SJ is sure to inspire, enlighten and bring a beautiful sense of new possibilities to you.
The possibilities for your life are in the questions you ask yourself!
Thank you SJ you are an amazing gift to us all! What an experience you have gifted me it has changed my life for ever! Straight after the bars class something I have been asking for just came true! It was to help me finish my book I am writing, How did I get to be so lucky? MC, Durban, SA
Firstly, many thanks for your amazing teaching skills, generous insights, gems to me always!
I found the tools amazingly powerful and easy to use and meaningful for future integration in my thriving practice of psychiatrics.I was left with a tad of kidney pain after my last release session where Toby your cat co healer, came to sit with me:-) (just LOVED that...!!!) i was also left with a floating sensation and tingle through out my body...a
euphoric experience. Thank you so much. Dr H, Joburg, SA
Without Sarah-Jane and Access Consciousnessols t, I would probably still be in "I-Don’t-Know-Who-The-F..k-I-Am-Land" !! What a relief!! …
My life has not been the same since meeting Sarah-Jane!! I have had private sessions, simply life changing with SJ to the point that I just had to learn the Bars !! So, I've done a Bars class with Sarah-Jane and shared one; and gifted two..!! You know? It just keeps on getting better!! I have more confidence that I do it 'right'; I am so more aware of the person's body and my own. I feel the one-ness!! OMG! Bodies all feel different, don't they?? ..or is it me feeling different with each body??? Hee! Hee!! What fun! .. with everything coming to me with ease joy and glory!!...
Janice, Centurion, South Africa
Just wanted to say Thank you and tell you how much I enjoyed yesterday! The course came to me at exactly the right time in my life, I felt not only ready to receive but that I NEEDED to receive.
Thank you so much for your wonderful instruction, for sharing your energy and stories with us and for showing me that being ME is the best gift I could give to the world, it was a message I was desperate to hear.
I woke up this morning and said out loud ' what glorious and exciting adventures await me today?' and guess what, the universe came back with an answer, I have had two emails this morning with business offers for my Aqua Yoga classes which is something I have been pushing for so long without any breakthrough.
How did we get to be so lucky to have you share your amazing gifts and what else is possible for us today? :-)
Bundles of love and gratitude. Jo, Pretoria, SA

Well I only came across Sarah-Jane and True Nature Access consciousness recently and all I can say is I wish it had been a long, long time ago  Also on Sunday I will be doing The Bars class which also happened miraculously but that’s another story. I had already decided that if I couldn’t take both my dogs with me I wouldn’t be doing the class as being away from Cherokee would cause her to stress, so I decided to ask Sarah-Jane if I could and left a message on her phone. While I was waiting I had been wondering if Access works for and could be done on animals and in the meantime went onto Sarah-Jane’s website which I had not been on before. Lo and behold I discovered she is also an animal communicator and healer. When she returned my call a little while later she welcomed my dogs to join us and also offered to do a hands on healing session on Cherokee during the lunch break. So how lucky is that? Taryn, Joburg, SA
Thank you so much for introducing me to Bodytalk, and Bars access Conciousness! You have introduced me to tools that are easy to use, but more importantly soooooo liberating! I literally woke up physically lighter and extremely optimistic! I have accessed Conciousness now I just need to develop it......How does it get better than this? I realised the importance and meaning of the clearing statement but here is what is more interesting, it communicates directly with the energy that holds the information that diminishes my sense of well being, without engaging my cognitive self speaks to my insane mind just like you do!!!! and for the first time I have acknowledged my insanity( note acknowledged not validated) Do I sound estactic? Great coz I am......Sarah Jane....I love you! Christine, Kenya
I am so grateful to have met you and not only had amazing life changing sessions with you but also learnt to run Bars myself. Since last seeing you,I received an additional R4288.01 in my account last night from random places! Amazing... I cannot wait to do foundation and level one with you very soon and see what else is possible. I am having so much fun ! Thank you, thank you, you rock ! CH, Joburg, SA

Hey there, bizarre feedback. After having my bars session with you, I'm going through my day and it's like I am here but I'm not here at the same time, like the world is happening around me and I am standing still. Thoughts come into my mind and as quickly as they enter, they just float away - everything is so calm. Cannot wait to receive more !’
Mandy - Randburg,South Africa

I thought you'd like to know that a highly intuitive friend of mine saw me last Friday and asked me what I had done, as my energy has shifted so drastically! Nice confirmation that Bars truly works for me!
I have run the Bars for some of my clients already, and they are blown away by the shifts they are having.
Sue Kneen - Fourways, South Africa

Hi SJ I am feeling great after having my bars run .I feel my bars sometimes running on their own, obviously clearing whatever needs to be cleared, but giving me quite a headache and a tender scalp. I could barely wash my hair last night. Is it better to keep it going for greater effect or to stop them?
Alessiah - Edenvale, South Africa

I really am feeling on top of the world after having my bars run in session with you, a few diehard fears trying to rear their head but I am zapping them with the clearing statement... how does life get better than this?
Noelene Pascoe - Johannesburg, South Africa

Since you ran my bars in my last session they just wanted to tell you how lighter and liberated I am feeling especially around all the judgment I have been carrying for so long around money, not making enough money, wanting more, creating a successful business etc. I have asked my money bars to run on several occasions since then whenever I feel myself going into the question of asking as you said what fantasy I am living in that I have made so real that I cannot change choose or alter my faulty belief systems around money. I am so excited to tell you that there has been a notable increase in my bookings in my diary is filling up. Thank you so much for allowing me to see myself as greater than I have been able to in the past and that anything and everything is possible. I definitely wish to take the Bars Access class as soon as you are ready to teach it.
Juanene Friedman- Bryanston, South Africa

Well I arrived at your practice, feeling very sick and tired and left after having my bars run, feeling whole and asking what else is possible for me going forward? Thank you so much for sharing your insight and wisdom and bringing bars into my life. I cannot wait to learn and incorporate the 32 bars from Access Consciousness into my life and Bodytalk practice, for those who are willing to receive. Life is exciting again – what else is possible ?
I have 3 new clients booked to have their Bars run instead of Bodytalk session this week !
Beatrice du Plessis, Pretoria, South Africa
Last Monday a colleague walked into my office I could immediately see he was in pain .I asked him and he said he had hurt his back it was so sore he could not move his neck.I tapped cortices, ran Bars and quantum touch .The next morning he called me to say " I don't know what you did yesterday but last night was the first time I slept in the past two weeks I woke up this morning with no pain at all and I have a new zest for life" How awesome is that ?
Noels, Joburg, SA
I am using the bars during sessions and having fun. It seems to really facilitate flow of energy. I am so excited to have such awesome tools to integrate into my other modalities and gift to my family and clients as you have so generously done for me ! What are the infinite possibilities ? Thank you so much for an amazing class, you are truly inspiring others to be the greatness that they BE !
Dr Alessia Giuliano:Paediatric Chiropractor & Advanced BodyTalk Practitioner (Mtech:Chiro/MCASA/CBP/PaRamaBP)
I have had HUGELY positive results from working with Sarah-Jane! She is the “real” thing! It’s simply amazing to me how much it has made a BIG difference so quickly in so many areas of my life including my business, relationships and even in my sport ~ the results are extraordinary and just about everywhere in my life. She truly has a gift to change your life for the incredible and positive. What’s fantastic is the results have been both very tangible and emotional. CR, Joburg, SA
Sarah-Jane’s guidance, honesty and wisdom has helped me so many times, from relationship problems to professional advice, her intuition is out of this world. I am so grateful to have found her and feel assured that she is there, always available no matter what the time to facilitate more ease and joy and make my way out of the trauma and dramas, less now yet still occurring from time to time. Her hands on body work and her insight and wide knowledge base is not text book mumbo jumbo, she is the real deal. Franscesca. Mozambique
“I have worked with Sarah-Jane now for 5 months, I can see the shifts and changes in me in a MASSIVE way. Her no nonsense yet caring approach has tripled my growth. I have worked with a lot of coaches, shrinks and the likes and none have had the effect and given me so many tools to use on a daily bases and an added bonus is to know that I can skype her at anytime. I am attracting bigger clients and my conduct is much calmer and the results are coming in on a GLOBAL scale. I recommend SJ a million times over, how did I get to be so lucky?” GC, Bangkok

Author's Bio: 

Sarah-Jane has been working with bodies and energy medicine for the past 12 years and communicating with animals in nature since she was a child. She continues to facilitate change in bodies and minds privately, specialising in sports performance , chronic disease, “special” kids and animals as well as multi million rand corporates in energy medicine and rehabilitation, consciousness, energy transformation and a true example of "Being the Change" we all desire for the world. She facilitates for spaciousness, consciousness, true awareness and the planet - some are calling her the “Change Agent !” so what else is possible ?