Recent events in global economic conditions have created a lot of turmoil for most UK citizens with more stringent rules imposed by banking institutions to access loans. This has resulted in a number of cash advance businesses providing a service known as a payday loan. A UK payday loan, also known as a payday advance, is a small short term loan which is guaranteed by the borrower’s pay packet. Most cash advance business will not refer to the borrower’s credit history in the loan application process. This makes them very appealing for most people since you are virtually guaranteed approval for a loan as long as you have a stable source of income.

UK payday loans are designed to be quick and easy to access with most providers utilising online applications or telephone calls. Once the application has been processed and approved, the money can either be accessed physically at the lender or through a bank transfer to your account.

English payday lenders will also have minimum and maximum lending limits which may restrict the amount of money you can access through a payday lender. These amounts can range from £100 - £1500. You should confirm the lending limits set by your prospective UK payday lender to ensure that they are meet your financial needs suitably.

Another factor you should consider is the Annual Percentage Rate (APR) set by the UK payday lender. This rate dictates the amount of interest you will be charged for your UK payday loan. Different lenders have different rates and thanks to the internet, you should be able to make a quick comparison of rates set by different lenders and get the best-possible APR.

On top of that there are additional fees and charges that accompany the application process. Some fees are charged at the onset whereas others are deducted from the loan amount. Since you are likely to be in a financial jam by the time you are processing the application for a payday loan and you may not be in a position to pay any processing fees, then payday loans that charge fees post application would probably be best.

You should also check the terms and conditions stipulated by your prospective UK payday lender. Some lenders have flexible terms in regards to any late payments for payday loans. Some lenders will allow you to roll over or extend the loan to the following month just in case you are unable to make your payments on time. This will however result in more interest charges.

It is always important to borrow wisely and not put yourself in a position where you are unable to make your repayments on time.

UK cash loans are a great convenience to have when faced with temporary financial concerns. You should always conduct a wide search in order to get the best UK payday lenders according to your needs and financial circumstances.

The best way to access cash with a bad credit rating

If you are looking for a way to borrow money but are unable to do so due to a bad credit history, then a UK payday loan may just be what you are looking for. A UK payday loan is a small short term loan which is covered by the borrower’s pay packet. They are often provided by cash advance businesses who utilise simple and fast methods to process a loan application.

Since they often do not refer to the borrower’s credit history, they to tend to charge a higher rate of interest as compared to traditional financing institutions due to the higher level of risk involved. Therefore, if you have experienced problems with accessing a loan due to a bad credit history, then a UK payday loan could be your next best option.

There are various reasons why most people would opt to go for a UK pay day loan such as sudden unexpected emergencies, overwhelming household bills, bad economic conditions, etc. Whatever the case, UK payday loans are designed to be easy to access and process. In your search for a UK payday lender, you will find most of them are accessible over the internet or the telephone.

In the application process they will require basic documents such as a proof of employment/income, proof name and address, proof of a bank account, etc. Once you have complied with all the terms and conditions stipulated by the lender, you should have access to the money within 24 hours or a few days, depending on the lender. This makes it possible for you to have access to the loan instantaneously depending on the urgency of your financial needs.

One important factor you should consider while searching for a UK payday lender is the interest rate charged for the loan. This rate of interest is normally referred to as the Annual Percentage Rate (APR), and can vary from one lender to another; the higher the rate the higher the cost of the loan. It would therefore be wise to do a wide enough search to find a lender that offers an APR that is quite low as compared to the competition, and is also likely to remain stable over time.

In some cases, payday lenders have been accused of unethical practices such as charging exorbitant charges for payday loans. For this reason, according to UK regulations, payday lenders are required to be licensed by the Office of Fair Trading. Therefore, make sure to confirm that your prospective lender has a Customer Credit License, provided by the Office of Fair Trading (OFT).

There are also a variety of UK payday loan types, categorised according to the type of borrower you are. Check with your payday lender about the types of payday loans they have on offer and pick one that meets your financial needs and circumstances perfectly.

These loans are the best solution for some with a bad credit history and are unable to get a loan from traditional lending institutions.

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