If you have had more than your fair share of accidents and injuries lately, Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health by L. Ron Hubbard, is the book you should be reading.

According to a survey by the National Safety Council, the number of unintentional injury deaths in America has been in excess of 90,000 per year. In the year 2000, traffic accidents were the leading cause of death for teens between age 16 and 19, according to federal data that also showed that the youngest teens were the most accident-prone.

In the best-selling self-help book Dianetics, author and humanitarian L. Ron Hubbard explains what makes a person accident-prone. "If one knows the cause of something, he can usually prevent the cause from going into effect," writes Hubbard. The discovery and proof that the malaria germ was carried by the mosquito is what makes it possible to prevent the disease.

Similarly, when you know the cause of accidents you can do a great deal toward preventing them.

Hubbard's research identified exactly what occurs when our analytical mind is shut down by physical pain, drugs, or other means: the subconscious or reactive mind is opened for direct recording of what is going on around us and this recording has the power to command our actions in the future.

Just as subjects who have been hypnotized will do exactly as they were commanded under hypnosis, so we react according to commands in our reactive mind.

Hubbard named this moment of lowered analytical awareness or unconsciousness an engram-and engrams can determine our fate. "When that recording has verbal content," says Hubbard, "it becomes most severely aberrative."

"The accident prone person is a case where the reactive mind commands accidents," writes Hubbard. "The terrible and awesome death toll taken by our automotive transport is almost all attributable to reactive mind driving rather than learned response driving."

Engrams subtly weave their way from incident to incident and cause catastrophe in the life of the accident-prone person and those around him. Stress, depression and anxiety as a result of accidents can by themselves cripple one's ability to deal with everyday life. "The aberree, in thousands of ways, complicates the lives of others," writes Hubbard.

But with the information in the book Dianetics, an aberree, or one affected by engrams, can be sorted out-these engrams can be cleared away and the reactive causes and commands can be handled by getting rid of the source-the reactive mind.

So if you or someone you know has been bumping into things, having little incidents and accidents or even causing general turmoil-read this book. It may just save your life or perhaps the lives of others.

Author's Bio: 

Louis Steiner is a freelance author in the field of mental health.