Acclaimed Medium Reveals Personal Struggles behind the Magic

A Mandala of an Awakening by Lilian Eden uncovers the tragic and inspirational story behind her gift of communicating with the other side...

A Mandala of an Awakening: A Medium's Life in Transition - the Truth Behind the Magic, a new book by medium and psychic counselor Lilian Eden, is an autobiographical collection of poems and journal entries that strives to uncover the inner struggles of a public figure. A prolific speaker and radio personality, Eden seeks to share heartaches and uncertainties never before revealed to her audiences.

“My aim is to induce a reconsideration of how people live their lives,” Eden explains. “Many are feeling depressed, lost and dejected. My message is about starting a new life, a new path. It's not as scary as one would believe.” A mandala is a symbol representing the effort to reunify the self – a starting point for personal healing.
Offering original poetry, selected journal entries from the author’s personal records, quotes and related materials, the book journeys through topics including isolation, rejection, alienation, love and loss, realizations of the unlimited potential of the conscious mind and the real connection with one's heart, spirit and soul. Designed to inspire readers through the disclosure of personal challenges and successes, the book features previously unknown details about the author’s life.

A Mandala of an Awakening is available for sale online at, and through additional wholesale and retail channels worldwide.

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About the Author
Lilian Eden is a professional medium and psychic counselor whose work has been recognized in media outlets including the Malibu Times, NOW magazine, BBS Radio, Lifetime and many more. A prolific speaker and workshop leader, Eden maintains an extensive individual client base for psychic consultation. Eden divides her time between Toronto, Canada and Los Angeles, Calif. For more information about Lilian Eden and her work, log on to