West Ridge Academy says that although most of our movies today are loaded with way too much violence and sexual content than ever before, there are still some that can be considered appropriate for viewing by children especially if they are viewed with the supervision of their parents.

Movies can have profound emotional and psychological effects on children so it is very important that parents should be very vigilant in choosing the films that their children can watch especially if they are still in a developmental and very impressionable state.
Fortunately, not all films are made of crap however as there are still a select group of conscientious film makers who continue to make films which are appropriate for children audiences from all over. According to West Ridge Academy, such movies will surely make a profound impact on your kids. You may be wondering how? Here are the reasons why.

Not including their parents, children may emulate other role models which they may find in the movies. Therefore, it's crucial that parents sit down with their kids when they are watching movies so that they will have immediate access to their parents in case they will have something to ask or want to be clarified with, otherwise they may misinterpret some of the actions and traits shown on screen and will apply them in real life without really knowing their implications. This way, if the parents are always there to enlighten them every time they pop a question then there's no reason for them to misinterpret the movie's message in any way whatsoever. An additional benefit is that this time spent with your children will allow you to bond even more with them and strengthen your communication lines in the process.

Good movies can inspire your kids to be inquisitive and develop their analytical skills. Some so-called children movies nowadays have plots that are comparatively more complicated than the children movies in years past. This may be because our current film makers are realizing that children are actually smarter than we gave them credit for and that they would actually love to have an opportunity to test their wits from time to time if given an appropriate good old mystery story to solve for example. Take advantage of this opportunity and spend the time with your kids in watching a good old detective or mystery movie. Welcome the opportunity to explain some of the sequences in the movie for them in case they may have a couple of questions during the movie. A good movie will have them fixed and immersed into the story and will even allow them to make predictions, analyze, solve problems, make comparisons, deduce events in hindsight, and so on and so forth. Take note that these are all valuable life skills which they may have not developed that easily in other less enjoyable atmosphere.

According to West Ridge Academy, good films can influence your kids to pick up some books and do a little bit of reasearch. This is because if the film that you were watching was based upon a popular book, then he may want to read that book in his desire to know more about the characters and events mentioned in the movie. This could lead to a robust reading habit for your kid which should be a welcome development for you as books offer way more useful information than a movie ever could. The movie's purpose is just to stimulate his senses and raise his curiosity towards a host of topics and then he may elect to just take off from there and proceed towards learning even more things on his own. With his curiosity already piqued, he may even decide to pick up even more reading materials related to his favorite topics and then his love for reading can just basically grow from there.

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