According to your belief it will be done for you.

The object of one’s belief does not negate the truth of the statement above.

In the gospel accounts – no great works could Jesus do – among the people in the neighborhood where he grew up. He was just “one of the guys”. The faith of those folks was insufficient – not because Jesus was somehow weak or ineffective, but due to their lack of belief. – or – perhaps better expressed: due to their belief that he was “nothing special”.

There were remarkable healings reported – in cases where belief was extant. He raised the dead for others – to whom he demonstrated the power “of the Father”
- which is how he freely admitted (repeatedly) that he accomplished the works that he did.

The “how it is done” part is not visible to "normal" perception. I attribute the miraculous to Divinity. And although my beliefs routinely override those of a non-believer – I do not tell them they are "wrong" nor is it required they "believe" in me. I don't need them to, as I am quite content experiencing the miracles I get to witness.

IF one believes that there is no God – and they don’t believe they can be healed of some terminal disease for example, they will surely die. If, on the other hand, one does believe in God and that God can and will forgive and heal, they may well be healed – This is documented to have happened… ..more than dozens of times.

My point is not to tell you WHAT to believe or believe in – merely to point out the veracity of the statement – according to your belief – according to what you expect – to what you co-create by reason of your God-given Mind –(or what you humbly allow to be done through you) then will see physical circumstances show up to prove to you that you were “right”.

Now this is true – whether you believe it or not. Just as Gravity worked before Isaac Newton got bumped with the apple, and the earth was a sphere back when people believed it was flat. Although, when they believed it was flat, they received the results of that belief in their experience.

IF you believe “God loves me” – you will see the results of that belief manifested in your experience. If you believe, “I’m a sinner and not worthy of anything.” I posit you will see results that prove to you that you were right to think so – precisely because according to your belief it will be done for you.

OK - one more. Yes. I claim that I can create. I just created this document. _ Now I happen to know that this happened because I have been allowed to do it. I have been given Life and Intellect and Opposable Thumbs (!) – but I can write that I created it.

Perhaps one might more correctly write that – as a consequence of ideas flowing through and focused on by my consciousness, my hands striking keys on a computer keyboard, combined with the utilization of an already operational personal computer, this document became manifested as a thing in the observable universe.. But that would be a bit much– don’t you think? So I write, “I create”…

Do I think I’m GOD? As in the ultimate Source of all that is in all Universes everywhere, every time? NO. Do I believe that God can create a document, using my mind and hands and the keyboard and PC …because God’s power and purpose was carried out in their creation? Pretty much.

Am I very careful never to claim that I (in fact) create anything and always keep reminding everyone, it is not me but “the Father” that does the creating? No – there is a well known account of the last time someone did that. The authorities of his day killed him.

Am I the totality of GOD? Absolutely not. But am I? I am. “Is it not written in your law, I have said, Ye are gods?”.

With knowledge and understanding come patience and forgiveness.. I posit that is true as well.

A Tangential Concept for you.

“My certainty overcomes your doubt.”

I have personally learned how to apply the talents, abilities and conscious technologies, (gained through years of study and diligent practice) using strategies and tactics that I have learned, I did not invent them - to allow what is perceived as healing – of physical injury, emotional blockage, mental confusion, and stress – and this not entirely dependent on the belief systems of the client / healee…

But this is accomplished as a natural consequence of the certainty of MY belief – and through my alignment with Divinity – as the work is done less by me than by my acting as a conduit – by my vibrational/mental/emotional state – in sync with Love and Intention.

As one of my teachers says, “Attention ____ and Intention ____”. One specific set of understanding can be easily attained and at low cost by studying the work of Michael Stellitano. ( ).

In closing let me add: Just because you (or anyone) do not believe any given thing - this does not negate it (or their) existence. Morphic Fields exist. There is no need to fear (you could get educated.. and you can avoid them) but they DO exist…

Rev. George Thomas is a Certified Practitioner of Matrix Energetics™.

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