Do you love what you do?
One of the biggest problem in today’s world is that people don’t like their jobs. They moan about getting up early, going to work and being stuck in the traffic for hours. Is your work not rewarding enough and you get more and more upset every morning about your life? Would you like to change your job, but are worried that you’ll never find anything better, or anything at all? But what if I told you that you don’t need to be worried too much? Whether you’re a graduate and just entering the professional world or you’d like to change your life and career, there is a solution.

An ancient philosopher, Confucius, said: “Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life”.

If you know your hobby and want to make it your career, go for it. But if you need to start from scratch, I’ll tell you the quickest way.

Learn something new without wasting your time.
Of course, to be good at something, we need to learn it, study it and put all our ‘heart’ into it. Learning a new skill is a long commitment. That’s why I recommend learning something that gives you widely recognised qualifications from the start, with an option to follow on to develop your career even further. Vocational courses are the best choice, as they’ve been designed to offer learners the training for a particular job or a career. They are suitable for people who wish to improve their skills. Vocational courses can be studied full time, part time or even sometimes by distance learning.

Get a career that will allow you to grow.
Contrary to popular belief, one of the most expanding careers are in accounting and finance. This would require obtaining accounting qualifications, and possibly going on AAT courses, bookkeeping courses, or financial analysis training. It’s no secret that most appreciated and well-paid jobs are within the financial structures of companies.

After completion of the basic AAT course, you’ll be able to start a job within an accounting company as a junior or trainee. Then you can develop your skills and further advance your knowledge be doing additional Foundation courses. Eventually you can become a fully certified accountant and a bookkeeper.

Whether it’s to boost the confidence when applying for a new job, or “just” to add something to your CV, AAT courses are an excellent choice. Every business, big or small requires financial management, so demand for financial and accounting skills is always high.

Expert trainers from Souters College, who specialise in business and office skills training, are saying that from their experience, more and more people want to gain financial and accounting knowledge and skills. When their college started in 1988 in London with a small number of students, now they’re training different range of people, from individuals to large corporations.

As AAT vocational courses cover a comprehensive knowledge of accounting and bookkeeping techniques, they are a good value for money. You won’t waste your time learning un-practical skills, but in contrast, you’ll become a specialist in a particular subject.

Am I too old to learn new skills?
Another great news is that with AAT courses, and with most other vocational courses, your age doesn’t matter. Whether you’re a school leaver, or looking to change your career you can take an opportunity and start a course regardless of your age. Financial and bookkeeping courses are available for school leavers and they can learn practical skills through apprenticeship program, together with studying a course in the same time. You’re able to learn between other commitments due to flexibility of the courses.

Choose the best providers only.
Trainers from the Souters College are warning that it is important to look for the best course providers who are fully AAT certified and accredited. Do your research about which providers can fulfil your criteria and provide you with the best possible options. There are many accounting and finance training centres, but not all are equal.

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I'm a coach and financial advisor. I've been helping people to get financial freedom. I've done many courses and trainings to become an expert in my niche. I'm always happy to help. Please see my other articles for more information.