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Accounting is also known as the official language. For example, it is taught by universities that take them along to analyze and assess the financial transactions that take place in the organization. So it is important to study the accounting topic and learn the basics in the form of accounts, costs, financial and economic point of view.

Accounting is the only subject that has leading decisions regarding the management of financial resources. It is the responsibility of an accountant to keep records of all business transactions of the company and to attract investors by preparing reports that provide a true and fair view of the position and performance of the organization.

Some of the main features of accounting as a business language are:

Presentation of financial position: By preparing all financial reports of the organization, the auditors emphasize the details of the valuation of the assets and liabilities of the company and also give a complete picture of the current financial position of the company.

Report Profit or Loss: Accounting helps the management of the organization analyze their performance over some time and identify whether they have had net profit or loss during that time. This allows organizations to analyze their operations and processes and identify and minimize their weaknesses while promoting best practices.

Tax Legislation: The organization's records kept by auditors allow organizations to comply with relevant laws and procedures. These documents are used by the organization as evidence in court and also assist them in making tax and policy formulation decisions.

Comparative Analysis: The accounting process allows the managers of the organization to track their transactions and financial position. These records are maintained in the specified format, making it easy for organizations to compare their performance with competitors on the market.

Forecasting: The results of the accounting records maintained by the accountants allow the organizations to analyze how they cope and to predict future performance.

All these features make accounting an important part of business management and due to the many prospects and excellent professional growth available in this field, the study of accounting is becoming more and more popular among the students.

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