As we have seen in previous entries, cloud computing or cloud computing is a very valuable tool for managing work in the company, since it greatly facilitates the accessibility of data and processes. One of the departments of the company that can abandon traditional software to move to the cloud is accounting. In recent years, multiple bookkeeping services in singapore have emerged that facilitate the tasks of billing to freelancers and SMEs. These are some of its characteristics:

  • Being in the cloud, they allow you to work from anywhere and have the team distributed among different points, as well as reuse the data and easily collaborate with other companies.
  • Its functionalities depend on the chosen application and plan, but they usually include billing, accounting, budgets and purchase orders, tax management and reports, among others.
  • The vast majority do not need installation. In some cases they may require a small executable on the computer, but the data will still be in the cloud.
  • They allow to easily increase or decrease the number of users without the need to pay individual licenses.
  • Very economical: they are based on the payment for use (monthly or annual fee) and some even have a free version with limited functions. Many offer the option to try the free paid version for 15 or 30 days before acquiring it.

5 examples of accounting applications in the cloud

  1. Contamoney. This application offers online accounting solutions for individuals, professionals and agencies. It allows to personalize the payment according to the functionalities that are used and to access from different devices. Its page offers a section of videotutoriales to facilitate the use to new users.
  2. Sage One. Accounting and billing application for freelancers and SMEs. It also has solutions for offices and consultancies. It allows to create budgets and customizable invoices and make the presentation of taxes. It is focused on the concepts of accounting, billing, self-employed and SMEs, looking for a quick and easy use.
  3. Direct Invoice This application of accounting in the cloud allows the preparation of invoices, budgets, sales orders, delivery notes and purchase orders. It is possible to access the application without an Internet connection from different devices. It has 3 different plans depending on the needs, the number of clients and the users that are going to use it. The basic plan allows the management of up to 500 clients and the access of one to three users, while the most advanced includes up to 10,000 clients and 10 users.
  4. Contasimple. Application for comprehensive online management of accounting, billing and presentation of taxes (VAT, income tax, retentions of rents, tax withholdings received ...). As a unique feature, the processes are reviewed by professional managers. It offers virtual hard disk functions and integration with Dropbox and Google Drive.
  5. Gespymes Online billing and accounting application for Mac and Windows. It allows multi-device and multi-user access, which allows several people to be connected at the same time from different computers. In addition to the basic functions, similar to other applications (billing, expenses, finance models, etc.), it allows the creation of all types of economic and financial reports that reflect the data entered.
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