The CineView Quad is a new addition to the Accsoon wireless video transmission line-up. The CineView Quad is different from some of the other budget Accsoon offerings as it features Dual Band wireless capabilities. It also has both SDI and HDMI inputs and outputs.
Accsoon has been very busy over the last few years and they have bought a multitude of products to market. I have reviewed quite a few of their products and you can see my reviews below.

- CineEye 2
- CineEye 2S
- CineEye 2 Pro
- CineEye 2S Pro
- Accsoon CineView HE

From small beginnings

The original CineEye was a big hit with budget filmmakers as it allowed you to stream an HDMI signal directly to smartphones and tablets through Wi-fi. At $199 USD it was arguably the first budget-friendly way of viewing wireless video on multiple devices. Above you can see our video report from NAB 2019.

Accsoon has certainly released a lot of products in a relatively short period of time.

So let’s check out the CineView Quad.

Size & Design

The CineView Quad is reasonably large and it more closely resembles a traditional wireless video transmission system, than a Wi-fi based system.
The CineView Quad consists of both a transmitter and a receiver. This way you can use the system to either transmit to iOS or Android devices or/and to the receiver unit.
The transmitter and receiver both weigh 17.3 oz / 490 g. They also have the exact same physical dimensions of 4.9 x 3 x 1.2″ / 12.5 x 7.7 x 3.1 cm.

The design of the system is clean and modern and in line with their recent offerings.

I personally think that the CineView Quad is too big if you plan on using it on a DSLR or mirrorless camera. Even on a small to mid-sized digital cinema camera, it will still occupy quite a lot of real estate.

This really is a product that is better suited for use on larger-sized cameras.


The CineView Quad, just like the CineEyes 2S Pro has placed Accsoon into a new segment of the market. Affordable SDI and/or HDMI wireless video systems have been popping up everywhere lately and it comes as no surprise that Accsoon wants a piece of that pie.

Unlike quite a few of their previous products that were aimed primarily at the Prosumer, YouTube, Vlogger market, the CineView Quad is trying to attract a different kind of user.

The concept behind the CineView Quad, just like the CineEye 2S Pro is to give professional users a versatile, reliable, SDI and HDMI wireless video system that won’t break the bank.

Build Quality

The CineView Quad is robustly made and the overall build quality is better than most competing products in this price range.
Both the transmitter and receiver are encased in a rugged lightweight aerospace-grade aluminum alloy. The buttons and dials feel reasonably solid and there is nothing that I can see that concerns me.

What I did find is that both the TX and RX units do quite hot, especially once they have been on for a while and this is mainly due to the fact that the system is fanless.

The antennas do feel like the weakest link and I would prefer removable antennas because I think they are more robust and less likely to break over time.

What do you get?

The CineView Quad comes with the following items:

- Accsoon CineView Quad Multi-Spectrum Wireless Video Transmission System
- CineView Quad Transmitter
- CineView Quad Receiver
- Shoe Mount
- Limited 1-Year Warranty

What it is and what it isn’t

The CineView Quad, like all of the 2.4GHz and 5GHz systems that are out there on the market, shouldn’t be compared with more expensive systems that send uncompressed video. All of these affordable options that don’t send uncompressed video are going to have some level of latency.

You need to be very aware that this is not intended to be a replacement for a close to zero latency system. Any wireless video system that utilizes 2.4GHz or 5GHz is compressing the image signal and you will always get some delay. I wouldn’t recommend any of these systems if you want to use them to pull focus off a transmitted image. That’s just my personal opinion, but others may well disagree.

The CineView Quad is much more suitable as an easy way of letting multiple people monitor images without needing to give everyone monitors or RX units.

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