Tarot itself is an unbiased observer of human affairs. It will contradict the expectations of the people who are using it. Unbiased observers of human affairs are in short supply. Remember the Scientific Method?--
Form a theory.
Repeat until the experiment is reproducible by others.

Scientists know observation is in the eye of the beholder, and that is observation of physical factual events. The Scientific Method is designed to compensate for and to eliminate even unintentional bias or assumptions in the eye of the beholder. Scientists go to a lot of trouble for good reason to accomplish objectivity.

Now, that is just about observing 'stuff.'

When it comes to observing what we do with other people we have an interest in, and what they do with us, there are a lot of variables here. We could be only imagining we are observing clearly. Asking someone we know just adds their potential biases to our stew. It's hard enough just examining our own life, being honest with ourselves, because we humans are each at least two people: who we are, and who we think we are. (Psychological testing arose from the effort to be objective about humans.)

Another constant strong bias that complicates human affairs at every level is the urge to be right. 'Right' as in 'correct,' and 'right' as in 'righteous.' Self-justification is as high a hurdle to 'Know thyself' as it is to getting the facts straight.

In a mystic dream once, I duck into a brightly lit library. The title to each of its books is a person's name. Each page is one day in that person's life, hour by hour, from his own perspective. Marks on the page index this same incident to the other participants' books. I find the four other books and turn to that incident in each of them, to discover what each of the five people felt happened. The person who was an onlooker had the best account.

I was a court reporter when I had that dream. In a trial, a court reporter concentrates intensely on voice as one witness after another discusses the same incident(s). Their biases are identified by who they are in the story. After many trials, the court reporter intuits what happened this time in this trial because of what happened other times in many other trials. Court reporters intuitively learn to read voices, over time this way, by correlating the voices and the stories. Patterns of probability form in the back of their minds. Knowledge forms of what types of people do what things and how they do them.

In conversation, we unconsciously inflect our voices with the way another person speaks when we quote that person. It is ever so subtle, but people who are motivated do pick it up unconsciously, which can give them (through tarot at least) psychic access to the person you are quoting. The signals in your voice, that you are unaware of, are picked up subconsciously by people who have learned to 'read voices' in their job.

Court reporters are not the only ones. Police, paramedics, intake clerks in emergency rooms, family counselors all develop a skill of 'sorting it out' in he-said she-said situations. A person in one of those occupations who learns tarot well enough to be able to access the point of view of a given actor in the story: That is the person who has a way better chance than anyone else of saying what is happening and what will happen in the story. Some people have a natural talent for 'thinking with other people's heads.' (Fidel Castro, in a television interview, ran through what each country would think of a particular subject: He was GOOD!)

A person who is reading tarot through 'other people's heads' is more open to tarot's contradicting his expectation than someone else would be—it's not his own idea that is being contradicted, but 'that other guy's.' And tarot is more likely to be right than a mere human, so this reduces the bias factor and increases accuracy too. The habit of seeing things from several points of view at a time increases one's odds of seeing things as they are in real life.

You can train yourself to think beyond your own culture, assumptions and biases by learning to read tarot literally in the way that court reporting led me to develop.

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