Being charged with DUI can be an intimidating experience whether it's your first time or not. A DUI charge is a serious offense and should not be taken lightly at all. It can have grave repercussions on different aspects of your life if not dealt with in the right manner. What steps you take immediately after being charged with a DUI will determine its impact on your future. The following steps are going to help you navigate your way through a tricky DUI charge and ease the inconvenience you have landed into.

Note Down The Details

Most criminal defense lawyers agree unanimously on the fact that a case with all the details in place is easier to defend and usually ends in success too. Believe what the experts say and keep track of all the details from the day of the incident.
If the details begin to overwhelm you and you feel that you cannot remember all of them in order of occurrence, then write them down. You will have plenty of time to do so as you will probably be spending several hours after your arrest at the police station.
Keep tabs on everything from the day you were charged. From where the incident happened to how it took place and what tests were carried out after you were stopped by an officer. These minute details can help you win your case even if they might seem insignificant to you at the moment.
Ensure the privacy of your written recollections and do not share them with anyone except your defense lawyer.

Maintain A Low Key Online Presence

You must mark your online social media profiles as private. This way you can minimize the access of evidence against you to the other side. Remember, anything you say can and will be used against you in court.
If there are any compromising pictures on your online profiles they might weaken your case. Staying low key is the way to go when accused of any kind of crime to ensure higher chances of success for pleading not guilty.

Find Reliable Witnesses

Going through the details of the day of the incident in depth will help you find witnesses that you can rely on. Recall all the people that you met or interacted with on that day. They can be friends, family, or acquaintances. Ask them if they could attest to the courts on your behalf.
The testimony of a person who might have been with you while you got stopped by the police or if someone saw you when you were held could potentially increase your chances of success.

Opt For Experienced DUI Lawyers

Do not hire a sub-par DUI defense lawyer for yourself to save up on expenses. Trying to cut down on your attorney’s billing may cost you your freedom. Invest in the best DUI lawyer to fight for you in court.
You may feel confused about how to make the best choice while choosing your defense lawyer. Here is an insight about

what to look for in a DUI attorney:

The lawyer must specialize in DUI cases. You can hire any regular criminal lawyer to represent you in court but a lawyer with extensive DUI knowledge will have better chances to do well for you.
The lawyer must possess great communication skills. For your lawyer to efficiently argue your case in court effective communication tactics are a must.
Impressive credentials in court. It is always a good decision to go for well-trained criminal lawyers. Also, have a look at your prospective lawyer’s performance history in the courtroom. A lawyer with a consistent history of winning will be a definite plus point for your case.
A confident personality. While you must be wary of hiring an overconfident lawyer, an attorney with an adequate confidence level can do his best for you. Not only will he be able to keep you motivated but also be able to fight your case in a befitting manner.

Keep Your Cool

While it may sound like too much to ask for in a situation like this. After all, being accused of an alarming offense like DUI is nothing to be taken lightly. It is natural to feel on edge and be anxious in scenarios like these.
But you will be doing yourself a favor by being calm and not obsessing over your situation. It is important to keep yourself collected so that you are diligent during your court hearings and any other legal proceedings you go through.


Being accused of offenses can take a toll on you especially if you are a first-time offender. Nevertheless, dealing with an offense accusation can be complicated. It is only with the right steps taken at the right time that you can manage to come out of a situation like this and that too a winner.
Help from the best legal experts also goes a long way in deciding your future after a DUI accusation.

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Offenses like DUI can have life-altering complications. This article discusses the right approach to deal with a DUI accusation to avoid its consequences.