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Feeling all dried out and emptied of your creative juices? That’s one of the signs of stress, and that won’t make your brainstorming sessions at the office productive. How can you impress your boss if your brain won’t process any innovative and creative new ideas? Maybe subliminal technology can help.

Don’t think that the problem is with your mind. The mind, when left unexplored, is a very rich source of creative thoughts and ideas that can help you come up with winning and effective business strategies that will surely get your boss’s attention. The problem is that your mind is so full of stress that the power inside it isn’t coming out freely.

Here are five simple steps to overcome creative blocks and tap into the innate and limitless creativity of your mind.

1. Get to know your brain. The first step is to get to know your brain and how it works. Recognize the patterns of your mind. Examine closely what triggers your brain to work better. Which locations in the office trigger more ideas? What time of the day do you retain more information and what time do you produce more ideas?

Once you know how your brain works, you can exploit these patterns to maximize the power of your creative mind.

2. Fill your mind with positive self help thoughts. Your mind certainly won’t help you generate any new and creative ideas if you fill it with negative thoughts. Positive thinking is key to making your brain cooperate with you. Negative thoughts can serve as dangerous and highly powerful distractions that can get in the way of your brain’s processing of rich and untapped ideas.

So before you can start benefiting from your brain, you have to pamper it first with positive thoughts.

One good way of filling your mind with positive thoughts is by listening to subliminal audio or hypnosis CDs and watching subliminal videos. Some good thoughts to fill your mind with are:

I feel myself being innovative and creative.
My mind is free and powerful.
I am smart and innovative.
I am capable.
I am unlimited
I tap into my higher power.
I am imaginative.
I am inspired.

Subliminal messages can help convince you of the power of your mind by bypassing the negative distracting thoughts that usually guard the rational threshold of the mind. They can replace such thoughts with positive and encouraging messages that can change your perception, free your mind from disturbances, and open up the wealth of ideas hiding in the deep recesses of your creative mind.

3. Brainstorm on your own

There are a lot of factors that can hinder productivity in group brainstorming sessions. When you brainstorm with a group, you have to wait for your turn to speak, and during the waiting period, you can lose a lot of potential ideas. Also, when you brainstorm with a group, a huge portion of your focus and attention is targeted on other people’s ideas, so the time and concentration you spend on generating your own ideas will be less.

There are also a lot of social and external factors to consider. If you’re at the office, you need to apply courtesy and pay attention to your manners all the time. In group sessions, you have to consider other people’s egos and this usually prevents you from being honest about your own opinions.

Since your mind never goes to sleep, you should take time to brainstorm on your own. This will let you explore the full power of your mind when unhindered by other people, other ideas, and external and social factors.

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