People expect information instantly now that the internet has achieve such massive growth. In the past people would post a question on the internet and wait several days for a response. The lag time between looking for information and receiving the information has grown shorter and shorter as the internet has been around longer. Rather than posting a question online these days people simply search to find someone else who asked the same thing and read the answers they received.

Even shopping has begun to take on similar properties. Now we can buy virtually everything on the internet, book and toys, food and clothes, etc. We no longer have to wait 6 to 8 weeks for shipping and can get things overnight.

If we now expect everything with very little effort or within an very short amount of time, our expectations for the time and effort we must put into everything else diminishes. So why shouldn't success be quick and easy?

And it's this assumption that causes so many people to fail. The principles behind success have not changed. You still have to be providing value for others, and delivering that value. And that is something that you have to BUILD.

People often try to become an entrepreneur, but expect their success to come fast and easy. People tend to give up any actions that would move them toward success if they don't see the results come flying in after the first couple times they try them. No matter how hard you work, success online: web traffic, income, a following, just cannot be created in a few days. After a couple days they lose the motivation to continue without seeing results and they give up. They call the idea a complete failure and jump on whatever next thing they've heard might work for them. You cannot create a website, put up a few ads and expect to make a massive amount of money. It’s still about building traffic through great content, about over delivering, about learning constantly so you can continue to deliver great relevant content.

The great successes in the world usually begin with a plan of action. They know that they must constitently take small steps daily, and it will build upon itself to become the success they seek. And it's when you start to see the results pour in that you will find it grows exponentially, but you still have to start somewhere with a little bit of faith and understanding in the process.

It’s very important that if you want to circumvent your quick and easy expectations and actually achieve success you must understand how to build whatever result you want. Think about your goal. What must happen for you to get to your goal? Break it down to manageable steps and then do them every day…no more, no less. Create a plan and stick to it consistently. Keep working even if the results don't show up straight away. Ensure you've picked steps that actually move you closer to your goal, just push forward, and when you get to your growth phase the momentum you see will be staggering.

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