After several years of studies about Fraxel laser treatment being very effective and safe, this FDA approved procedure is gaining a lot of popularity for treatment of the following conditions:

• Acne scars

Traditional approaches for clearing acne are not very effective and typically cause damage to the healthy tissues of the skin. Laser is very much successful in comparison with standard therapies. Damaged tissue is ruled out and new collagen growth is promoted.

• Age spots or brown spots

These are caused by additional melanin being produced by the body, to protect itself from sun damage. There is variation in the color of these blemishes and this may range from deep yellow to black. It is very visible in those areas of the body such as the hands, forehead, arms, shoulders and the face. In the past, acid, pulsed light or standard laser procedures were used for eliminating these brown spots. However, the spots only faded and did not disappear completely. Fraxel laser treatment is quite effective in dealing with brown spots.

• Melasma

This is a skin condition in which tan or brown discoloration is caused on the cheeks, nose, lips, forearms and the forehead due to overproduction of pigment. This FDA approved treatment is very effective and solves the problem of Melasma.

• Wrinkles around the eyes

This condition is also known as crow’s feet. Fraxel laser treatment has proven to be quite effective and yields successful results when compared to other methods such as dermabrasion, acid peels, traditional lasers and injectable fillers.

With Fraxel laser resurfacing, a smooth, beautiful and clear looking skin is ensured, as the natural healing process of the body is activated. Any area of the body can be treated right from the face to other delicate areas of the body such as the hands, chest or the neck. In this procedure, fractional photothermolysis is used. Here, a small region of the skin is targeted at a time without the surrounding tissue being affected. The natural process of healing works from inside out and the damaged tissue is replaced with a fresh one.

Wrinkles and Fine Lines Are Successfully Minimized with Fraxel Laser Treatment

With the procedure of Fraxel laser, wrinkles and fine lines can be minimized. Your aesthetic goals are also taken into account by the surgeons and thus, a smooth and healthy skin is ensured.

Benefits of Fraxel laser skin treatment include:

• Non-invasive, effective treatment
• Short duration treatment
• Minimal side effects
• Remarkable results
• Fast recovery

One hour before the procedure, a topical anesthetic ointment is applied. This procedure is very mild and normal activities can be resumed very soon. The session doesn’t take more than forty minutes.

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