Extrinsic motivation makes reference to motivation that comes from outside oneself. These motivating factors are all external or outside rewards. An extrinsically motivated individual will work at something even when they don't want to or have little interest in it. This is a lot like what network marketers do. There are many tasks we do, even though we may not like them, we know they will bring us just rewards. We work hard at these tasks sometimes just for the satisfaction of completing them. As network marketers, we must know that our extrinsic motivation does not mean that we won't get satisfaction or pleasure from completing our marketing tasks. Rather it means that the satisfaction we expect externally will continue to be a motivator regardless as to whether or not the task to be completed holds little or no interest. Even so extrinsic motivation gets us to drudge through something you really don't like doing at all.

Sometimes people think that extrinsic motivation is not real or shallow-but it can be a very powerful force. Most difficult things become more bearable when you've got something to look forward to at the end. Listed below are a few cautions for network marketers. With extrinsic motivation network marketers must be:

1. Careful not to be reluctant not to perform a task because the final reward might be unknown

2. The network marketer might find it hard to concentrate leading to procrastination

3. The network marketer must be careful to perform given tasks to the highest level possible so that you'll not get just the reward, but the satisfaction of knowing that you've done your very best.

4. Finally, network marketers must know the importance of rest. A rested brain and body are much easier to motivate than a tired one.

In conclusion, external or extrinsic motivation is easier to produce than internal or intrinsic motivation. As network marketers we are always facing a string of tasks that must be done. But let's be real, many of these tasks just don't excite or interest us. What we have to do is find the extrinsic motivation that will propel and compel us into task completion. Here are a few suggestions to help you with your extrinsic motivation.

1. You might promise yourself a reward

2. Place your emphasis on the goal and not the process you use to reach it

3. Seek recognition for completion of tasks

Here is an activity that might help keep you motivated. List all of your network marketing tasks. Sub-divide them into intrinsic and extrinsic motivational tasks. Determine if there are tasks that can be put into either category. A great example would be exactly what we are doing here-Article Marketing. What rewards do you get from article marketing? Are the rewards entrenched in the completion of an article? Is it the publishing of an article? Or is it the clicks the article receives? You can easily see how some tasks can be driven by both intrinsic and extrinsic motivation. Use this knowledge to reach high levels of success and make lots of money.

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