Since the childhood we've come to believe that NO means we have to stop. We tend to believe that NO means failure. We came to believe that No is synonym of limit. how true is that? What is NO was nothing but the real doorway to success?

Once he found the magic formula, Thomas Edison said: "I haven't failed. I've identified 10,000 ways this doesn't work." The Southwestern top producer Dustin Hillis as another refraiming saying SW SW SW N meaning: Some Will, Some Won't, So What? NEXT.

I believe the mind of true achievers is set on the "I don't give up" mode. If you are in sales, but it's also true in any other field of life in general, you will notice that what does really hurt when soliciting or asking for someone's help or contribution is not the NO you get, it's the "Let me think about it". When someone tells you to give time to think, he makes you hope that there is a chance the two of you make something together. So you keep following up with the person, spending time that you could be using the look for someone that would definitely be willing and able to deal with you giving you the YES.

Here is how you should analyze a NO answer no matter what you deal with in order to achieve more:

Is this NO an objection? If the NO someone is giving you is an objection, what you need to understand is that it's a message the person is sending you, asking for more information. No is not always stop. It can be a request, or a test before the big agreement.
How do you know if the NO is an objection or a real NO? Just pay attention to the consistency of the reasons behind the NO. If the reasons keep on changing, it means they are more likely to be objections and what you need to do is to answer those objections. If the same reasons are repeated 3 times in a row, then it might rally means that you need to stop.
Is this NO a time saving? Again just like Dustin Hillis said, some people will go along and get what you have to offer, some others won't, so what NEXT. With that said, receiving a real NO that means you have to stop can be a doorway to success as it allows you to move on and give another try, a new try. That No is lighting you up on a path that do not work and sends you signs that you should be looking at different ways, different options. So, the more NOs you get the faster you go in finding the YESs
How often did you give up after the first NO? What would have been the outcome if you had given another try or made the next move? I bet you would have found the YES down the road, it is just a question of time. Now, you don’t want neither to collect NOs all life long with the hope to get the big YES at your retirement. That’s why successful people hire Coaches. Your Coach whether it’s life coach, business coach, or other, he will help you focus on the controllable and get your way to the YES easier and faster, going rapidly through the No-givers and even avoiding some others. For help in finding the right coach for you, visit

Let now conclude with those definitions of failures:


Does not mean: You are a failure

It means : You have not yet succeeded


Does not mean: You have accomplished nothing

It means : You have learned something


Does not mean: You will never be able to do it

It means : You have to do it in a different way


Does not mean: You are inferior

It means : You are not perfect


Does not mean: You have wasted your life

It means : You have to start afresh


Does not mean: You should give up

It means : You have to try very hard


Does not mean: You will never achieve

It means : It takes longer time


Does not mean: God has abandoned

It means : God has better idea! You will get the idea if you have faith in him

Which one of those definitions do you like the best? What does failure mean to you?

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Max-Marc Fossouo is a Relationship Strategist, Founder of He believes that relationship is at the heart of any success and so is action. Driven by passion, Max is convinced that relationship matters and here is his view of relationship: "In relationship, do not ask what someone can do for you, but what you can do for the person. It is not how you can be served, but how you can serve. Not what you can benefit, but what they can benefit from you. To be there for others is not just relationship, it's also leadership."
Max conducts Motivational speaking, seminars, and shows about Relation and Success.
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