Students are not victims of learning but active participators. The whole idea behind giving students assignments in Physics is for them to look beyond their learning material. Online tutoring applies progressive methods to ensure that you complete your assignments with new learning experiences.

Assignments are a lot different in design from examinations. For one the stress is more on exercising individuality in approach. Assignments give you the opportunity to refer to as many books and literature on the subject in hand. It gets more extensive as you proceed to higher levels of learning. Even in basic classes the learner would do well to make references that go beyond the walls of the curriculum. The advantage is that your knowledge horizon expands and you are exposed to advanced thought in the subject area. Take Physics, would you remain content just studying concepts like gravity or laws of motion? Wouldn’t you want to explore relativity or quantum Physics? Obviously, understanding them would be difficult as the subjects are intensely abstract. But understanding the speed of light and how critical it is for light to reach the earth from the sun is extremely exciting.

The simple questions that one may raise provoke thoughts that naturally lend themselves to advanced studies in that area. Investigation need not happen in a predictable way so as to suit the curriculum. A genuine question arises out of the desire to know. If the desire to know is curtailed then the interest in the subject is curbed thus preventing you from getting a fulfilling learning experience. The whole idea of giving assignments to students is for them to think beyond their learning material. This is how learning happens and only this is how discovery can happen.

Assignments were thought of in the past as complimentary to the curriculum. They were not seen as means beyond ends. There were three approaches listed in the context of education and they all had to do with assessments. One was insertion the second was reinforcement and the third testing. In one sense it is merely a process and not three separate approaches but they were seen separately as a means in pedagogy. The whole process can be encapsulated in one approach and that is observation of learned behavior which was done after testing. The educators under pressure to achieve learning in students could not formalize different approaches. But in modern times there has been saturation in learning outcomes through purely behaviorist methods. Educators have had to look at students not as victims of learning but rather as active participators. Perspectives finally found its place in progressive education even if it may take a while to penetrate formal systems of schooling. Tune your mind to look beyond the learning material and you will find Physics has a lot more to offer. Your online classes apply progressive methods to ensure a desired and enriching learning experience.

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