No matter what you achieve in life, you will have gained at least 2 positive outcomes. The first is that you will have accomplished the desired result, and secondly, you will feel such a wonderful sense of achievement!

So what are the benefits of the feel good factor?

1) This is such a marvellous bonus. I'm sure that God invented this feeling just to motivate us to reach our full potential! How wonderful it is to say to yourself "Wow, I achieved this, and I feel so good about it!"

2) Having such a feeling will motivate you continue to accomplish more and more in your life. As humans, we seek pleasure and do everything to avoid pain. What better pleasure than to know that you have done something really worthwhile to help you learn and grow?

3) Setting yourself challenges will allow you to stride ahead. Make sure that the goals you set yourself will stretch you. If a goal is too easy, then the reward will be small. The more you have to do to accomplish your goal, then the greater the sense of achievement and the greater the feel good factor.

4) The feel good factor is guaranteed to increase your self-confidence and your self-esteem. You will soon appreciate what you are capable of achieving.

5) The better you feel about yourself, the better your health will be. And the better your health, the more you will be able to accomplish!

6) Achieve things in your life that will help both you and others. Encourage and teach those people around you to achieve more and more. By helping others, you will certainly gain a tremendous amount of personal satisfaction.

7) Write down every one of your achievements as you complete them. Review your list at least every month to imprint these on your mind and to maintain your confidence levels.

The beauty of the feel good factor is that the more you achieve, the more you will want to achieve!

Author's Bio: 

Being an advocate of Positive Psychology, Jan encourages people to identify their strengths to make positive and worthwhile changes in their lives. Through her seminars, workshops and speaking engagements, she motivates others to be Positive Thinkers & Achievers.