Goals or achievements are clearly defined destinations. In order to get there, you need to know and decide where you’re going. So, where do you want to go? What is it you’d like to achieve in your personal and professional life?

Why set goals?
Setting goals allows for personal achievement, building your confidence and the learning that occurs along the way. Here’s how to get on the right course to completing your goals.

Write it Down…on paper.
There is something almost magically that happens when you write your goals down. A subtle message is sent to your subconscious and you’ll start moving in that direction. Looking at this list daily you’ll increase your chances and speed of achievement. Start visualizing the end result, see it in your mind and feel it like it is yours.

Be aware of the roadblocks that might get in your way to slow you down or prevent you from getting to the finish line. Awareness will help you plan ahead and avoid those stone walls, which are there to help you fight for what you really want.

Plan of Action
Determine what you need or how to get there. This is the plan, which can be modified along the way. Don’t get paralyzed by over analyzing the details. If you want to further your education, get online and look at schools, apply for the program, talk with the teaching staff about your goals. Any direction and movement is better than none.

Do It
Just like Nike says. Movement and action causes momentum. Doing something everyday is your daily baby step. Deciding to lose 20 lbs is done ounce by ounce each day.

Continually check your course. Answer these questions frequently. What action did I take today toward my goal of______? What will I do tomorrow?

The achievement of your personal and professional goals increases your confidence, improves your self esteem and opens the doors to new possibilities. Start out small and build on your success and confidence to bigger and better goals. Stop living small and safe. You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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Laurie-Ann Murabito is a Results Coach, Author and Speaker who helps companies and individuals by empowering them to make the changes they want for their unique situations. She is available to speak on various topics. For more information call 603-765-6145.

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