Psychosomatics describe mind power as one's ability to show things like emotions, memory, will and imagination. Therefore, mind power can be taken as part of a humans' or individuals' personality, where the mental process is able to perform its duties without gaining consciousness there is a lot in this kind of power. To be emotionally healthy, it is important first to know that the mind is a reflection of our thoughts.

Therefore, it is possible to influence our thoughts and it is one's responsibility to keep healthy, emotionally. Mind power is all about thinking. It is about what you think that will happen in reality. One is bound to stay alert to find out the outcome of this power of mind and belief.

Since the power of mind influences emotional health, it is good for one to know how to unconsciously handle a situation. Subconscious power directs how one thinks and believes in his or her thoughts and beliefs. Hence, whatever people think about or believe in comes out as the product of the subconscious mind. Since this is done minute by minute, it is therefore good for one to seize at the opportunity and nourish his or her mind power regularly by activating the subconscious mind to generate good thoughts in his or her life.

The mind power and the subconscious mind work in unison which they are made and updated in your real life. This is how it works. A subconscious mind is like a fertile soil that will accept any seeds to grow in it and regular thoughts and beliefs are whence, the seeds that are constantly and continuously sown and it is, expected to produce some crops. As the saying goes, what you reap is what you sowed. For this case, the conscious mind is like a farmer who chooses what will reach the inner garden which is the subconscious mind.

It is unfortunately that people are faced with severe mental health problems because of either lack of knowledge or ignorance of this law. The meaning of this is that people have allowed all kinds of seeds to enter, hence, leading to subconscious showing all kinds of negative outcomes like ill-health, failure and emotional breakdown in the case of bad seeds. On the other hand, if the subconscious mind receives good seeds, it will manifest success, abundance and good emotional health.

Therefore, having a relaxed way of approach to everyday life promotes emotional health. It is observed that people take big blows in their lives lightly without cursing or criticizing their health, emotionally. They achieve this by having a sense of humor to lighten their worst situations.

In addition, telling the truth to someone about your situation, helping someone else relieve his bad feelings and listening to your inner voice are just but a few good seeds that one can sow to achieve good emotional health.Finally, the basic principle depending on what your conscious mind thinks or believes is directly sent to the subconscious mind. This then works with the outside world to create your reality.

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