The conscious mind has always been restrictive and more prone to pessimism and easily accepts impossibility due to its logic and rational make up, while the subconscious mind is free from all that restriction, and is completely optimistic, it is a dreamer, and an inventor, a problem solver, an innovator and with an attitude of anything is possible, and is more willing to accept power thoughts and new ideas.

That is good to know and it certainly is great to know you can tap into the incredible subconscious mind to achieve major successes.

When performing your visualisation exercise your aim should be to reach the subconscious mind. With practice you will find it easier to tap in at this level. This is where relaxation and meditation comes in. Meditation opens the channel into the subconscious mind making your visualisation exercises much more effective.

The bonus is that once you tap in and begin your visualisation exercise at the subconscious mind level, the conscious mind will accept it as its own idea, since the overall mind is one. Therefore, if the idea starts in the subconscious, the conscious mind will naturally accept it and will not rationalise against it like it usually does if the idea came straight into the conscious mind.

So the secret is to visualise in the subconscious mind. The secret is to tap into, and get through to the subconscious mind.

How is that done?

It is done using relaxation and meditation techniques. Find a technique you like and one that suits you best and use that one.
One of the best relaxation techniques you might find useful requires the use of audio recordings.
You can use the recording feature on your smart phone. Some people use their computer and headphones, while others use an MP3.
It will depend on what device you find more convenience and where you decide to visualise; whether lying in bed just before sleep or even just sitting in a chair. This particular relaxation technique requires you to record yourself speaking about all your desired successes in the present tense, and that means, as if you already achieved all your desires, goals and dreams. You speak about and record what you have accomplished.

With this audio recording technique, using the present tense is extremely important – the future tense, the some-day tense, does not work as well as the present tense. The aim of this is to make the mind come to believe, and for that you need to express it in the present tense, in the here and now.

Emotions along with the senses need to be injected in to the statements that you record. The subconscious mind is very reactive and emotional and therefore, much more accepting of ideas that have strong emotional connections.

Record your idea of success and whatever makes you feel successful. Some people use general statements. However, I would recommend using detailed statements, so that the mind can picture and visualise it much more clearly.

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