Modern Chemistry is focused on understanding how the elements of the universe interact. The outlook is heading towards a greater homogeneity than thought of before. The discoveries shape not only the mindset but also the way Chemistry is taught. There is an understanding that if experiments are demonstrated to students then learning that takes place will have a lasting impact and retention will never be a source of worry. If learning materials are thrust down your throat then it is forced learning which you are in all likelihood apt to forget. By taking a leaf out of modern discoveries the tutor can shape a student’s mind as the discoveries speak not only for the subject but also for the genesis of new age education.

While the necessity of learning demands a certain deliberate affinity with the subject learning is for the most part the result of natural curiosity rather than labor. How much of it is perspiration and how much inspiration is a study that reveals startling results. As modern Chemistry itself is focused on the interaction between elements there is a need for combining different approaches to foster learning. The ‘insight method’ achieved through discussions can be used where the mental faculties are sharpened based on discussions. But discussions alone may not pave the way for grasping significant details which is why an empirical method is combined with it. The empirical method sharpens the observation of learners as they too can take part in the experiment. It is thought that experiments are difficult means to learning online which is why technology and animation can be used in your online tutoring to demonstrate the findings. Then there is the descriptive method through textbooks where information is described based on the discussions and the experiment to give you a material account of the lessons.

It is interesting to note that the descriptive method in writing comes only after the insight born out of discussions and experiments so that any learning that happens gets reinforced to the extent that you do not have to repeat learning. This retention is a product of active learning as opposed to forced learning. There is a difference between revision and repetitive learning. Revision implies that some amount of learning has taken place while repetitive learning implies habit which could be forced. It is observed that active learning gives students greater confidence then enforced learning could ever hope to give. The modern discoveries in Science shape the student’s confidence by commanding an intermingling of the various faculties of the mind.

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