Most of us enter adulthood with dreams of achieving financial freedom, a house in the country, a career we love, yearly vacations in Hawaii, a cabin on the beach, owning our own firm and perfect health. People achieving these things (high achievers) are crystal clear dreamers, yet very few dreamers become high achievers.

In terms of talent and golden opportunities, most people just sit on the sidelines. Occasionally they consider getting up and putting their life together, but they never seem to find the time. To appear busy they attend meetings, listen to guessers, find fault with others, re-revise the same plans they have been playing with for years and often have coffee with other low achievers.

As all high achievers have discovered, dreams and desires can be achieved when people are willing to pay the prices involved. How can you uncover the prices? By listening to the people who have already achieved the same types of dreams that you have.

If business success is what you desire, find people who have already succeeded in the same basic game and listen to them. And a painful trap that you want to avoid is following people who say they know, when they’re really guessing.

If improved health is what you seek, ignore what the sick people say. If sick people had the right answers they would be healthy. Find people who have faced a painful illness and gotten better … and now know how to remain healthy.

If peace of mind is your desire, find people who already have it. How will you know that they’ve got it? It won’t be anything they say. It will be how they make you feel. People at peace with themselves radiate peace.

The first half of my life I listened to “fake-it-till-you-make-it” and “appearances-are-everything” highly polished near-sighted guessers. Guess where that got me?

No matter what you want, the fastest ways to get there can be found by asking questions and following the advice of people who have already paid their dues to achieve their dreams. Life’s basic math is the same for everyone.

One additional thing I had to do was stop trying to put my life together “my way” so I could hear what the high achievers were trying to share. Once I saw what they meant and applied the principles involved I began to transform myself into a more effective human being. And one by one I began to achieve more of my dreams.

If I could do that, so can you.

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Dick Warn is a speaker, author, and coach. His Miracle Minute series is on the air in Southern California and Florida, and can be heard or read by going to His third book "Mystical Mentor" is helping people leave more of their troubles behind. You can read the first three chapters by going to