This is going to sound crazy at first but if you can keep an open mind, it might just surprise you. Achieving your goals happens faster when you support others. Crazy, huh?

Think about this; when you ask others for support, help, counsel, or advice, you get some valuable fuel that drives and moves you forward. And in the same way that you can't go to the gym once to get in shape, at some point on your journey you'll need the support of that group again.

Now let's say that those same people in your group are themselves struggling and having a hard time with their own projects or goals. Now they are in overwhelm mode and can't focus or stay on target. Now, they have less time to devote to helping your reach your own goals. They actually become a drag on your once mission critical objectives.

But what if you took the time and helped them stay on track the same way they've helped you? Now you are all climbing the ladder together and no one is dragging anyone else down.

Supporting others can actually keep your own GOAL momentum driving forward at full force. Here's another tip; when you're helping someone with their goal, you can often find clarity into your own. How does this happen?

Taking the focus off your goals sometimes offers you insights in ways you never imagined. Have you ever misplaced something or forgotten what you were supposed to do? When you stepped away from it and focused on something else, it suddenly came back to you! Well the same applies here.

Think about this: have you ever been in a crowd? Your focus is very narrow and you can only concentrate on the things in your immediate purview. But when you've looked at that same crowd from a balcony above, things appear very different. You're able to take more in. you're calmer, more focused.

When you help someone else with their mission, you still allow your brain to keep working (your thoughts are incubating), mulling over your own goal. You eliminate any chance for overwhelm or fear to kick in, and in finding a solution for their goal, you can often surprise yourself and find a solution (opportunity) for yourself.

Achieving your goals by supporting others is a powerful tool that few take advantage of, yet it can increase your successes and dramatically shorten the journey. So the next time you get stuck or just need a motivational boost, ask the people that support you how you can help them with their own goals. The results will shock you.

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Craig Copeland - Author of "Finish What You Start". Teaching people how to successfully reach their goals and dreams