I get this in my inbox, and it goes like this: "Since my teens, I have suffered bouts of acne. And I notice when my skin is clear and someone gives me a compliment on my skin, I come out in spots. The same thing happens with weight. If someone compliments my figure, I stop looking after it. There is an energy block somewhere, and I need to release it." Here is a simple Tapping suggestion to help.

Imagine there are two of you.

One is the Logical You;

The other is the emotional You. She may appear to you as 3 years of age, 6 years, a baby, 12 years, 13 years, 20 years, whatever. Accept her in whatever form she appears. If you cannot visualize, draw her. You do not have to be an award-winning artist; a stick figure will do just fine,

Emotional You has just been told her skin is clear or has lost weight. She is happy to hear that, but you also see that she is uncomfortable.

Do you feel like helping her, or do you feel you resent or hate her for getting you in trouble? If the latter, tap as follows, over and over again, until you feel compassion towards her.

Setup: "Even though I hate Little/Younger You, I honor my feelings and where they come from"

Reminder: "This hate/resentment" (use the words that feel closer to how you feel).

Then rest. When ready, introduce yourself to her and ask her on a scale of 10-0, how uncomfortable is she? If anything above a zero, tap as follows, for her on your body, or if she wants, she can tap with you on her body, until she feels a zero. Thank her for holding this feeling for you for all those years, for trying her best to protect you, and reassure her that she will always be part of you and can ask you for help later in the future whenever she wants it.

And then imagine a bubble of energy around you and Little/Younger You.

Fill this bubble with courage, love, beauty, and pride.

If tears or any reaction comes at any point in this procedure, let it happen, keep tapping on all the points you can think of until you are calm again. It is just a healthy release.

Repeat this session 3 times a week for 2 weeks, with different ages of the Little/ Younger You.

See how you feel. If Tapping (EFT) is new to you, you can get a free How-to guide from many an EFT Practitioners' website. The tapping stimulates special acupressure points that release stress about a specific issue as we say the words (you can say them in your head). Then you can feel better about it and move forward.

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